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Yes , you can, as long as same tires on one axle.

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Q: Can you substitute 185 60 14 tires for 185 65 14 tires?
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On what vehicles do 185-60-14 tires fit?

The 185-60-14 tires are general tires. They can fit most vehicles and are all season tires.

Can you replace 185 65 R15 tires with 205 60 R15 tires?

Yes, this is an excellent substitute.

Can 185 60 r14 substitute for 185 65 r14 tires?

Please give the whole number, NOT just part of it. Whole number will be something like this - P185/60R-14 95H . IF the last number and letter are same then it is a substitute

What tires will replace 185 65 14?

You can replace them with 205/60-14 or 175/70-14.

Can you substitute 185-60 R15 tires with 205-55 R15 tires?

Yes, this is a good swap and should work quite well.

Size of tires on Toyota Echo 2003?

175 65 14 or optional 185 60 15 it will say on the tires

Can you substitute 185 65 r14 with 195 60 r15 tires?

No. Different diameter wheels will not accept different diameter tires. A 14 inch tire will not go on a 15 inch rim. 185 is width in mm, 65 is profile aka aspect ratio= % of width. 14 is diameter at bead and r is radial

Can 185 60 R14 tires be replaced with 185 65 R14 tires?

Yes of course they can, the difference between a 185/60/14 tyre and a 185/65/14 tyre is the tyre is 5mm difference in height. Just make sure you replace them in pairs(front two/back two/all four) and not one single tyre as this will put your wheel alignment/tracking out of position. The 60 and 65 is the % of width. The difference in profile aka aspect ratio, height of sidewall is 111mm on the 60 and 120.25 on the 65 a 9.25mm difference

What size tires are on 2005 aveo?

For the Aveo LS sedan, the factory size is: 185/60-14

Where can I find form 185-60-14 ?

There is no such thing ' form 185-60-14'.

What tire is bigger 195 60 14 or a 185 60 14?

185 is larger

Can substitute 205-60 R15 tires with 195-60 R15 tires?

Yes, you can

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