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A private individual cannot sue an entire state, that would result in the whole population of said state being named as defendants. Certain governmental units of states however, do not have immunity under the 11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and therefore can be sued. A suit of such type has to be filed in the federal court of jurisdiction.

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Q: Can you sue a USA state for slandering your legal background information when looking for a job?
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Is it legal to check your background without your consent?

Yes, provided the background check does not include protected or privileged information, such as medical or legal records or information. Any publicly available information about you can be checked or researched by any person at any time.

What can be done to a person who is slandering you and defaming your character?

Your only legal action would be to take them to court in a civil suit for slander and defamation.

What is a legal form that avoids taxation?

There is no legal form that avoids taxation. Perhaps a little more information on what you are looking for will allow me to give you a better answer.

Transcripts of legal interviews?

Answer We don't have the transcripts that you are looking for, but most court houses would have such information.

What information shows up on a criminal background check?

A criminal background check will typically have your name and identification information as well as list any legal violations or crimes you have committed. It will also give the date and place of the incidents and if you were tried and/or convicted.

Can a citizen request information on background of police officers?

Under law, certain aspects of employee background information (such as criminal record) is considered to be public, and available upon request. More often than not, requesting background checks on government-employed persons is not a violation of privacy towards the person, and is legal.

Are background checks legal?


What kind of educational background is required to apply for general counsel jobs?

General counsel jobs require a educational background that revolves around legal and compliance jobs. So, a legal background in the preferred educational background.

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There is no information as to whether it is legal or not to keep a pet deer in the US. However one can foster a deer by looking into some companies that provide this service.

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Can Net Detective find lost or missing legal documents?

No, Net Detective cannot find lost or missing legal documents. The program does background checks on people from information available on various government and database records.

How much time can you get for possession of bullets?

Not enough background info to asnwer. If you are in LEGAL possession of them, there is no penalty. If you are a convicted felon in possession of them you could be looking at significant state and/or federal time.

Is it legal to do a background check on a potential tenant?

yes it is

Is it legal for a landlord to do a background check on their tenants?

As will all legal issues, your answer may vary depending on the state where you are renting. In general though, as long as the landlord notifies the tenant and the tenant agrees to it, then a background check would be legal.

Are tasers legal in California?

Tasers are legal to be carried by ciitizens in California, once they pass a felony background.

States where drugs are legal?

Every state has drugs that are legal and illegal - although this usually happens on the Federal Level. If you are looking for information on specific drugs, I suggest asking a more specific question. Note that there is no official legal definition of the word "drug."

Can you find the birthplace of someone with a background check?

Yes, but employers don't bother, birthplace is irrelevant. Legal authority to work in the USA is documentary.Added: Not with the ordinary background check that most people ask about. However, a DEEP background investigation (e.g.: for a high level government security clearance) will reveal this information.

What is the population of Legal Information for Families Today?

Legal Information for Families Today's population is 20.

Is looking at wikileaks legal?

In Canada it is.

Where can information about legal marketing be found?

Information about legal marketing can be found in a few places. Some of these places include Wikipedia, Legal Marketing Association, and Great Legal Marketing.

A misdemeanor more than 10 years ago?

You may have to put this on the application depending on what the company would like. It would be on your background report they perform on you. States have laws about what they can do with your legal information.

How do you delete the legal information on your iPod touch?

You cannot delete the legal information in the settings on your iPod Touch.

Is it legal to carry a taser in tn?

It is legal for a citizen to carry a Taser in TN, once they have passed a felony background test.

Is it legal for friend to gave out my medical records information?

Whether release of medical information by your friend is legal depends on the context. If your friend learned the information while working in a health facility you've used, disclosure is not legal. If your friend learned the information through conversation with you, there's no legal remedy.

Is it legal to terminate an employee after four years of service because of a background check?

Actually, it can be legal. If you lied on your application four years ago and it was found out through a background check that is grounds for termination. When you sign an application forms it states that you have told the truth on the form and this is legal and binding.