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Can you take a t-mobile blackberry sim card and use it in nextel blackberry?

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No, it will give an error message asking for the unlock code. Once you get that error, you screwed up the sim and it will not work in either phone again and it locks up your phone and it cannot be unlocked. Nextel does not have the unlock code, Motorola made the phones that way.

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What type of sim card does a blackberry 7100i take?

i just bought one off ebay, blindly. It is a nextel 600 contact, yellow front, SIMGUS003R. I have not yet activated it, but i am planning on doing it soon

How do you take out media card out your blackberry?

what you do is look for the media card slot, press the card, and the card will come out.

Can you take the sim card out of your t-mobile phone and put it in a cingular phone?

No, you cannot. T-Mobile SIM cards only with T-Mobile phones. The same goes for an AT&T or Nextel SIM card, they only work for AT&T or Nextel phones, respectively.

Can a blackberry get an virus?

first of all. a blackberry can get a virus. just take care of it and if it starts working slow take the sim card out and run it under cool water.

Does the iPhone take a sim?

Yes, at the top there is a piece that if removed shows the sim card, this is how people can get iphones to work on tmobile

Can you take the sim card out of your t-Mobile Blackberry and insert it into your sprint blackberry?

No, they are not the same program. It can damage the phone. The Sprint network will not recgonize the sim.

Can you go to an ATM and take out money from a tmobile rebate card?

No, you can't. I just tried to withdraw cash from a T-Mobile rebate card today at Citibank, you will be asked to enter pin which you don't have it !

Can i take pictures on nextel camera phones and sent them to my friends?

Yes you can take pictures on your Nextel camera phone and send it to your friends as long as you have the MMS messaging in your phone plan.

How do you transfer all data from blackberry to balckberry curve?

Put the Memory/ sd card in the phone slot. Make sure to take the other phones card out!

How do you reload software on blackberry?

take out the battery, take out the sim card, wash it with water, put everything back in, and turn it on. YOUR GOOD TO GO BUCKO!

Can i take my blackberry from America to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, but concact your service provider, you might need an international sim card

Can I take my old blackberry and put a month to month minutes card plan on it and how?

i have no idea how but i know you can cause my dad has one

Can you use a BlackBerry Pearl 8220 in Iran by unlocking it?

Yes, if your service provider is GSM and willing to provide you with a SIM card. Otherwise, you will have to buy a phone from them and take out the SIM card.

Is it possible to take the face off your 8250 blackberry curve?

Yes. The clear cover is stuck on with double sided heavy duty tape. You don't have to take any screws out to take the cover off. Nextel would not supply a new cover, I found on at another locale. Reinstall with double sided tape.

Can you take your tmobile sim card and put it in a prepaid tmobile phone and it work on your plan?

Yes. if it is a tmobile sim card and a tmobile phone then this will definitely work. you will also be able to carry on with the same price plan and number you used before. If you currently have a Tmobile phone on a contract plan that is complete you can also just change your plan to a pre paid plan and keep on using the phone that you have. UPDATE: As of April 2012, TMobile prepaid phones may only connect to T Mobile towers, limiting your signal (since they also use ATT towers) and giving you varied signal strength depending on your location. So, it's best to unlock any prepaid phone. Ask T Mobile to send you the unlock code or pay someone to unlock your phone.

Can you take your cingular sims and put it in tmoble blackberry?

As long as the Blackberry phone from T Mobile is already unlocked, then yes, you can use an AT&T SIM card on it, as well as SIM cards from many of the GSM providers worldwide.

Can you take your att sim card and put it in a tmobile nokia phone?

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

Can you take the sim card from a razr2 and put it in a blackberry?

Unfortunately you cannot, they only way you can change sim cards is between the same phone models.

What do you do when your blackberry has water damaged?

make shower you take all the things out quickly like battery Sim card if you haven't you have to buy a new one

How do you recover pictures from a blackberry tour 9630?

Yes, just take a try a Blackberry photo recovery software.Note: in order to increase the chances to recover deleted items from BlackBerry phone memory card, it is strongly recommended not to save more files when you notice your precious things are accidentally deleted.

What if your daughter lost her tmobile phone Can you buy a new sim card and put it in an old tmobile phone but still keep her number for the lost phone?

You can do this as long as the old phone works with the tMobile network (or is unlocked to work on both AT&T and tMobile). But you need to call tMobile to have them active the new SIM chip. Basically, they need to connect your daughter as a customer to the new SIM. You should be able to take your old phone into any tMobile store and they should do this for you. Cannot say if they will charge you a small activation fee but it should not require another 2 year contract. They may try to push a new phone on you for free or small price so they can lock you into a new 2 year plan.

Can you take the SIM card out of your T-Mobile Blackberry and insert it into your Verizon Blackberry?

No, because Verizon has a CDMA network, which does not use SIM cards, so there would be no place to put the card. Extra to this is even if the Verizon did have a sim card you would not be able to cross networks. This is physically impossible as all service suppliers have a supplier lock on handsets unless otherwise stated.

How long did it take to perfect the blackberry?

well the blackberry isn't considered "perfect" right now. but it did take a year or two to get it to be the way it is!

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