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Can you test an engine outside of the vehicle?

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Mechanics and engineers often use a test stand to test an engine. It provides the fuel and other connections to test horsepower and proper assembly.

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How can you buy a vehicle sticker in Illinois without an emissions test?

The only way to get out of an emissions test is if you register your vehicle with an address outside of a zipcode that has mandatory testing.

Engine smoking white after it warms up?

You are burning coolant. What vehicle? did you do a compression test?

What is the purpose of an engine in a vehicle?

The engine moves the vehicle.

What are the Vehicle emission tests requirements?

most test hydrocarbons, co2 & oxides of nitroge (nox). Specs vary with vehicle, year make, model & engine size

How do you test a 1998 jetta engine speed sensor?

the vehicle speed sensor is on the tranny it hooks onto your speedometer. the engine speed sensor is on the front of the engine, two different sensors guys.

How many catalytic converters in 2002 Isuzu Rodeo sport with 2.2 engine?

Go outside and look under the vehicle and count them.

How do you get the code for check engine light problem without taking it somewhere to have it read?

There are a range of engine test equipment available in most very good Vehicle parts retailers

How do you test a vehicle speed sensor?

No need to test VSS. If the check engine light is on and fault code is VSS; then replace same. Huge job best done by reputable shop.

The engine in this vehicle is mounted so that the front of the engine faces the side of the vehicle so the engine would be called a an?


Can you drive your vehicle to an mot station without a tax disc the vehicle is insured?

Driving an untaxed vehicle to an MOT testYou can drive your vehicle to and from a pre-arranged test at an MOT test station as long as you have adequate insurance cover in place for the use of that vehicle.This is also for vehicles being driven to and from a pre-arranged test at a Vehicle Inspection Check (VIC) test station, an approved weight testing station and reduced pollution test.

Can a semi truck vin be read from outside the vehicle?

The full VIN, no, but they have to have the last eight digits placed on the outside of the vehicle.

Can you gut your catalytic converter?

Yes you can but you won't pass an emissions test and depending what year and make vehicle the check engine light will remain on.

How many catalytic converters are on a 1999 cougar with the 2.5l v6 dohc 24v fi engine?

Go outside and look under the vehicle and count them.

List all the factors that affect car speed?

Weight of vehicle. Aerodynamics of vehicle. Horsepower & torque of engine. Gearing of vehicle. Headwind or tailwind. Elevation above sea level. Type of fuel used. Terrain. Tires. Outside temperature. Weather.

Why is the jeep wrangler towing capacity so low?

Small engine, light weight vehicle.Small engine, light weight vehicle.

How does the drivetrain work in a vehicle?

The drivetrain works in a vehicle by transmitting a signal to the engine when the acceleration is required. The engine is run by a transaxle and the halfshaft connects the engine to the wheels, fueling the vehicle movement.

Where can I get a vehicle for the cdl skills test.?

You either need to provide your own vehicle or test at a facility that will rent you one.

If the force from the engine is bigger than the force of the air resistance?

The vehicle accelerates, assuming the engine is in a vehicle.

How do I swap 4.3 engine to a 305 engine?

No vehicle or engine type

When does engine knocking occur?

Engine knocking occurs in a vehicle when there are misfires in the spark plug ignition causing an air/fuel mixture to explode outside the envelope of the normal combustion front. This condition could be very damaging to an engine if not checked by a mechanic.

Can you disable Secondary Air Injection Pump on a 2000 chevy S10?

You can but it will cause the check engine light to illuminate and the vehicle will fail an emissions test.

Can you take the emission test in Tennessee with a check engine light on?

Yes, but you will fail it. The check engine light indicates there is something wrong with the emissions controls on the vehicle. Seek professional help for diagnosis and repair.

When doing a compression test on a gas engine do you start the engine?

No, The compression test is done as the starter cranks the engine

How do you know when your engine is going out?

First test of an engine is the compression test. If the compression is within 75% of the new engine spec, all cylinders should be within 20 psi of each other. Next test is the cylinder leakdown test. Putting pressure into each cylinder and checking the leakage past the rings and valves. General rule of thumb of any engine- if it starts up on the first 2 or 3 revolutions, does not emit blue smoke from the tailpipe and will pull the vehicle up a hill at normal speed, then it should be a good engine.

Definition of a motor vehicle hta Ontario?

The definition of a motor vehicle motor vehicle. (Engineering / Automotive Engineering) a road vehicle driven by a motor or engine, esp an internal-combustion engine.

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