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It was not required by law in the earlier models and it is not something they wanted people messing with so no I dont think there is a way.

New models will have a weight sensing switch in the seat that will cut it off under a certain size.

In vehicles where there was an option for the child to sit in the rear a shut off was not required.

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What does airbag code 33?

depend on year and make of your Vehicle. if late model Ford/Lincoln, it means your driver side "seat belt pretensionor". (There is small bomb in seat belt retractor related with airbag) if early model Ford/Lincoln (and maybe some GM), it means passenger side airbag "System" Don't take it lightly as "Oh, it's just seat belt pretensionor. Airbag still fine". your airbag may not deploy to avoid injured by airbag, if something malfunctioned with pretensionor.

Where is Fuel pump relay e30 m3 location?

on early models its next to the fuel tank.on later models its inseide the fuel tank, you can access it by lifting the rear passenger seat and its under an oval plate. it could also be inside the boot.

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