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Urine does not flow through the vagina. The presence of a tampon should not interfere with urination.

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2016-09-21 18:40:39
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Q: Can you urinate with a tampon inserted in your vaginal?
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What if it hurts to sit with a tampon in?

It most likely means that the tampon isn't inserted high enough.The first few inches of the vaginal opening is narrower than the rest of the vaginal opening, and when at rest the vaginal walls close in on themselves - if a tampon isn't inserted high enough it will be sitting closer to the vaginal opening so vaginal walls will push against the tampon, especially as you move.

How do you pee with a tampon in?

You would urinate as normal.Tampons go into the vaginal canal, whereas you urinate out of your urethra - thus tampons have no effect on your urinating. If you're using tampons with a string it's best to move the tampon string out of the way so it doesn't get wet as this can be uncomfortable and wondering around with a wet tampon string can make your genitals more warm/moist so more favourable to bacteria.

Do you pee from were the tampon goes?

No, you urinate from the urethra and a tampon goes into the vagina.Both the vaginal opening and the urethral opening are right next to each other within the vestibule of the vulva, but they are not the same hole and it is not possible to insert a tampon into the urethra. A person can urinate as normal when they are wearing a tampon.

When you try to put the tampon in why does it slide back out?

Your vaginal canal is a muscular tube, when you tighten the vaginal muscles it can push things out of the vagina. Once inserted correctly those same vaginal muscles help keep the tampon in place.

When you insert a tampon does it go past the muscle and right in with the string hanging out or sights on the muscle with the end of the tampon visible?

The tampon goes all the way into the vaginal canal - if that's what you mean by the muscle, as the vaginal canal is essentially a muscular tube. The whole tampon goes into the vagina and quite deep, it wouldn't even be near the vaginal opening once it is inserted so certainly wouldn't hang out. All that hangs out is the tampon string for easy removal, that is if you use a tampon with a string.

Why would a tampon feel uncomfortable after you unspread your legs?

If you can feel the tampon of feel uncomfortable once you have closed your legs then the likelihood is that the tampon isn't inserted high enough. The first few inches of your vaginal canal are narrower than further-up in the vagina, if not inserted far enough the tampon will sit in this area and as the vaginal muscles push together they would push against the tampon. This area also has more nerve endings so even if there is no discomfort you are still more likely to feel the tampon if it's here.

How do you know if you have a tampon in?

You know that you have a tampon in because you physically inserted that tampon! If you think that you've forgotten about a tampon being inserted then you insert your fingers vaginally to check if there is still a tampon there. If you've left a tampon for too long then use pads for the rest of your cycles and watch for symptoms of vaginal infections like bad-smelling excessive discharge.

How far into a woman does a tampon go?

A tampon is inserted a few inches into the vaginal canal - as far as it can be pushed. Tampons don't sit as high as other options like menstrual cups or softcups.

Why does it feel like something is blocking the way of my tampon?

It may be that there is something blocking the tampon, likely your cervix or vaginal wall. Tampons need to be inserted towards the small of your back because your vaginal canal is curved so if you insert straight up you would be inserting the tampon into a vaginal wall, thus will go no further. You need to stay relaxed because if you're tense vaginal muscles tense causing the vaginal walls to clench together, thus the vaginal canal is narrower so harder for the tampon to move through. If you have a shorter vaginal canal your cervix may be sitting low so getting in the way of the tampon. Feel inside your vagina to get an idea of what is blocking the tampon.

When you sit after applying a tampon does it hurt?

It shouldn't hurt at all when you are wearing a tampon, if it does something is wrong.If it hurts when you sit down it is likely that you have not inserted the tampon far enough, thus as you sit down the vaginal muscles push against the tampon lower down in the vaginal canal. This is common when first using tampons or if you use applicators, next time try non-applicator and push further.

What should you do if you have the urge to pee all the time possibly because you left a tampon in for too long?

A feeling of needing to urinate more frequently has nothing to do with leaving a tampon in your vagina - leaving a tampon in too long can cause vaginal infections, but not urethral infections. If you suspect that you have left a tampon in feel around the vaginal canal to check, if still unsure you need to see your doctor for them to check. If you suspect you have a urinary tract infection (which would explain your needing to urinate more frequently) then you need to see your doctor for this too.

What happens if you forget about an inserted tampon?

Tampons encourage bacterial growth while preventing vaginal cleaning - the longer you leave tampons the higher the risk of TSS and vaginal infections. Remove the tampon and switch to pads, watch over the next few days for symptoms of TSS and vaginal infections - if you see symptoms go to your doctor.

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