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No, "King of the Swamp" doesn't take on the name of another monster so it will not work.


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Elemental Hero Bubbleman says 'you can' special summon this card through his own effect. However that doesn't mean you can't Normal Summon or Set him either, or Special Summon him through other sources, like Monster Reborn.

They cannot be special summoned EXCEPT by fusion summon, meaning even if you do summon one correctly, and it is destroyed, then you cannot resummon it from the graveyard.The Neospacian Fusions are an exception to this, as they are 'special summon only' which means if you follow their summon text and properly summon them, then you can later bring them back from the graveyard.

yes. in the official Yu-Gi-Oh! rulebook, it states that you can only normal summon once per turn, but you can special summon as many times as you can per turn.

No, because it wasn't 'properly' special summoned. To be able to special summon a Ritual Monster from the graveyard, it has to be initially summoned by Ritual Summon. Ritual Foregone does not Ritual Summon.

Almost, if not all Elemental Hero Fusions say "This card cannot be special summoned, except by Fusion Summon". This means the only way it can ever hit the field is by Fusion Summon. Some monsters say "can only be special summoned by.." and this listed method is just for the initial summon from hand, if you do this properly, you are allowed to resummon them from the graveyard with cards like Monster Reborn. However, the 'except by' monsters are different, even if you properly special summon them, you still can't revive them from the graveyard like this. Because of that, Elemental Hero fusions are not valid targets for Re-Fusion, as it does not 'Fusion Summon' them.

i am pretty sure you can. for example if you just summon a monster without sacrificing you can use monster reborn to bring a card back from the grave. i think you can even do multiple special summons in a turn.

No. In the Elemental Hero series, Contact Fusion is reserved for Elemental Hero Neos and the Neo-Spacians. To fuse Elemental Hero Necroshade and Elemental Hero Wildheart, you must use the Spell Card Polymerization. This combination forms Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman.Elemental Hero Necroid ShamanDARK/Warrior/Fusion/Effect/Level 6ATK: 1900DEF: 1800This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. When this card is Special Summoned, destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. Then select 1 monster from your opponent's Graveyard and Special Summon it to their side of the field.

You get Elemental Hero Mudballman. Lv6, Earth, Fusion/Warrior/Effect, 1900/3000, cannot be special summoned except by Fusion Summon.

A tribute summon is a form of Normal Summon. So that means you can only tribute summon OR normal summon ONCE per turn.

No. Dupe Frog triggers only when send from the Field to the graveyard. Also it is an Optional Trigger and would miss the timing anyway.

No. A Tribute Summon is a kind of Normal Summon. Special Summons are just Special Summons even if the special summon requires some form of Tribute. That does not make it a Tribute Summon.

No one card can Special Summon any Fusion Monster. Because some Fusion Monsters specify that they "cannot be Special Summoned except by a Fusion Summon", cards like "Metamorphosis" will not be able to Special Summon them. Even "Instant Fusion" cannot Special Summon Fusion Monsters that state "This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck."

No, Elemental Hero Dark Gaia cannot be special summoned, except by the effect of 'Dark Fusion'. You cannot use any other special summon methods (like Monster Reborn), or even other fusion summon methods (Polymerization, Re-Fusion, Future Fusion).

As this summon is on resolution of an Ignition Effect, Worm Yagan can only special summon itself in your own main phases. In general, only monsters with a Trigger (ie, ones that say 'when/if' something happens) can special summon themselves in the opponent's turn. So Gorz and Battle Fader can, and Pyramid Turtle can summon something in the opponent's turn too. However things like Dark Armed Dragon, or Plaguespreader Zombie, cannot.

A Fusion Summon is a Special Summon and things that can be used against Special Summons can also be used against a Fusion Summon. But not all Special Summons are Fusion Summons, even if they do so happen to summon a Fusion Monster. For example, Cyber Stein Special Summons a fusion monster, it does not Fusion Summon it.

Yes, in the yugioh card game you can advance summon (this is also called tribute summon or sacrifice summoning).

No, a Synchro Summon is a kind of Special Summon.

it is like a polymerization for elemental heroes it only works to summon an elmental hero fusion monster and you can take the fusion material cards(they are the cards needed to make a fusion monster they are listed on the fusion monster) form the graveyard and/or the feild (not hand) don't put them in the graveyard put them in the removed from play pile (this is seprate from the graveyard) and special summon the elemental herofusion monster (this is treated as a fusion summon) ex:elemental hero flame wingman on feild elemental hero sparkman in graveyard use the miracle fusion spell card to summon elemental hero shinning flare wingman and remove from play elemental hero flame wingman and elemental hero sparkman

Somewhat, yes. A synchro does not count for you Normal Summon for the turn. This means that you can do multiple Synchro summons in one turn. But if you are implying that a Synchro Summon can be usd for a card effect triggerd by or that needs a special summon, then a Synchro summon will not count. ^That's a bit vague. Synchro Summons will most certainly trigger/count towards effects that look for Special Summons - case in point, Bottomless Trap Hole, which can respond to a Synchro Summon because it is a kind of Special Summon. Special Summon is the default, and then you have special types, like Fusion Summon and Synchro Summon. Anything that looks for a Special Summon, will trigger from any of those. However if it only triggers from a Synchro Summon, then only a Synchro Summon will do, not a regular Special Summon.

A Ritual Summon is a kind of Special Summon. Anything that affects a Special Summon (such as "Bottomless Trap Hole", "Royal Oppression", etc.) will affect a Ritual Summon.

You could certainly summon some of Shining Flare Wingman's components - such as having Sparkman on the field, and using Hero's Bond to summon Avian and Burstinatrix from hand. Then you'd just need a fusion card.

Yes, you are able to normal summon then fusion summon, because the fusion summon is a special summon

A normal summon is where you just summon a monster and NOT use its effect or ability, just its ATK and DEF. A special summon is where you summon a card and use its effect or ability. You can only special summon a card if you have another card saying that you can special summon a card, you cannot just going around special summoning every monster.

No, it's not true. You get only one 'Normal Summon' per turn, but not only can other cards 'Special Summon' one or more monsters in the same turn as you do this, but other cards can let you Normal Summon more than once too.

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