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Can you use just the front fuel tank on your 1984 Chevy truck?


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2012-02-01 00:18:53

Yes. You don't have to use both tanks

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it should be on the inside of the drivers side frame rail, it will be in front of the fuel tank

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On 1.9, and 2.0 Engines the Fuel Pump is on the Right Front- on the 2.8, it is located on Left Front.

It should be located under the truck at the front portion of the gas tank.

IT is in the fuel tank. IT is in the fuel tank.

under the vehicle, in front of the driver side rear tire.

left side of truck. in front of tank. near frame rail.

front passenger side of motor towards the bottom.

The 1974 Chevy truck has a mechanical fuel pump with a built in pressure regulator.

front passanger side of engine. It runs off the camshaft

2.8L 2BL 1984 Chevy Celebrity The Fuel Fiter should be located in the coupling between the fuel line and the carburator.

remove the bed of the truck.....

standing in the front of the engine, It will be on the left front bottom SIDE of the engine.

It controls / regulates the fuel pressure.

its in the fuel tank, built in as part of the fuel pump.

It is inside of the fuel tank. It is a electric fuel pump.

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Look right around the carb, it should screw in right by the carb directly in front of you if you are standing right in front of truck

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