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Can you use kerosene instead of home heating oil in an oil furnace?

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no one available to adjust can it be used fo a short time or what could happen

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Can you mix kerosene and home heating oil in an oil furnace?

Kerosene and home heating oil can be mixed in a oil furnace. Kerosene is thinner than heating oil. Mixed together will make the furnace burn cleaner.

Can you mix kerosene with home heating oil without harm to furnace or contaminating home heating oil?

Yes, in cold climates, kerosene is mixed at 10-20% with #2 FO to prevent gelling.

Can I buy furnace oil at Home Depot?

Home Depot carries a lot of things and may very well carry the oil you need for your furnace. They also carry kerosene and other fuels for heating.

Can you put kerosene in a home heating oil system?

The only time you should place kerosene in a heating system is if it is designed for kerosene.

Can you mix kerosene with home heating oil without damage to furnace or contaminating home heating oil?

Yes you can; According to "FlashOffRoad" "Kerosene is routinely added to home heating oil, in large quantities. The furnace doesn't know, or care. The furnace oil pump does not have the same clearances (they are more crude, greater clearances, lower pressure...) and the kerosene won't hurt them. Most will (and often do) run on straight kerosene--here in NH, if the oil tank is outside, the mix will be either 50/50 or straight kerosene. Kerosene doesn't have the same heat values either, you won't get the same amount of power from a gallon of kerosene as from heating oil, or diesel fuel." See full article for more detail <> Personally though, I wouldn't add more than 10 gallons per 275 tank full just to be safe.

Can home heating oil be substituted for kerosene in a kerosene heater if your furnace isn't working?

No way hosea! Is it possible if you have the right setup. It all depends on what type of furnace you are using Not without causing further problems - in mobile home furnaces especially. Using heating oil in a smaller system can result in clogged nozzles and filters causing the system to malfuntion or even worse OVERHEAT causing fire danger. Also straight kerosene won't gel in colder temperatures like heating oil will

Can kerosene be used as home heating fuel?

Kerosene should not be used as a home heating oil unless the unit is designed to do just that, kerosene may be used in a small amount to inhibit gelling of fuel oil during extremely cold weather.

What is the difference in colour between kerosene and home heating oil?


Can diesel fuel be used in a home heating furnace?


Where can I find out about heating my home with an electric furnace?

I am looking for a new and efficient heating system in my home and it has been suggested to me that I might benefit from getting an electric furnace. Where can I find out more information about them?

Can you use kerosene in a fuel oil furnace?

Yes and no. An unmodified oil burner will burn far more kerosene than fuel oil for which it is designed. If you replace the nozzle with a smaller nozzle and adjust the air, using an orsatz [orsat gas analyzer], a device for determining the combustion efficiency of the flame, you will be able to use kerosene. * interesting fact: Kerosene is also known as #1 fuel oil, or JP5 jet fuel. Mixing kerosene with #2 fuel oil, (home heating oil) in small amounts, should have no appreciable effect on the furnace efficiency.

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Can you use diesel instead of home heating oil in an oil furnace?

yes you can as a temporary solution but MAKE SURE you don't accidentally use gasoline or you'll be sorry

Can you mix diesel fuel with home heating oil without harm to furnace?


Where can one purchase a furnace for a mobile home?

A furnace for a mobile home can be purchased from all good heating stores. For example, visit webpage stores such as 'alpine home air' to find this type of product.

Does home heating oil freeze?

No it does not. It doesn't "freeze", but starting at 32 F it starts to "gel". As it gets colder, gelling can cause the filter or oil lines to become blocked. The best way to prevent this is to keep the oil warm (indoors or with a tank heater). The other option would be to get kerosene instead of heating oil. Kerosene doesn't start to gel until about -20 F. Unfortunately, kerosene is more expensive and you don't get as much heat out of it compared to heating oil.

What is a high efficiency furnace I should look into buying in order to keep my 5000 square foot home warm?

a high efficiency furnace is a furnace that uses less electicity and saves on heating expences. they are very useful in the winter and great to lower your central heating bills.

What does a heating coil in a furnace do?

There are different types of heating coils. Most are electric heat strips, refrigerant coils or hot water(hydronic). Your furnace\heater fan blows across the coils to heat your home or office.

What is furnance?

A furnace is a device to make air hot and spread it through a home via heating pipes.

Can you convert a regular home furnace to burn waste oil?

You can convert a regular home heating oil furnace. You must purchase a special kit, or it could cause a fire hazard or inefficient burning. A furnace specialist is recommended for this procedure due to safety issues.

Fixing Your Furnace?

When the furnace in your home goes out, there are a few things that you need to look at before you get a new furnace. Get the furnace serviced by a professional electrician who will check the heating coils as well as the filter in the furnace. Check the circuit breakers in the furnace to ensure that they are working properly. If the breaker is not making contact, this could be all that you need to replace.

How do you size a furnace and ductwork for your home?

Too maby variables here but heating and AC supply sites have the formulars. Look for it.

Do you need a cold air return on your furnace?

YES! If you do not have a cold air return on your furnace, you will have much higher heating bills as you will not be circulating the cold air from your home back to the furmace to be heated again.

What company should i call to fix my in home heating.?

What type, band of furnace do you have? Look on the furnace for company name and manufacture. You maybe able to contact company who last cleaned and serviced system. They often leave a sticker on furnace for future service.