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No. Child support is the responsibility of the biological parent who is named in the support order. It is possible for a joint bank account or other property be attached for payment of support to the extent of amount owned by the person ordered to pay the support, including liens against real property. In addition in community property states the court will often allow an entire bank account of a married couple to be garnished for child support that is owed by only one of the spouse's. The safest option is for the new spouse to have a separate account not a joint marital account.

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Q: Can your husband's ex sue you or use your income for child support?
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Can you sue a mistress for continually suing your husband for child support and college support and now wants to include his wife's income for her son?

You can't sue her for doing right by hers and your husbands son if he doesn't pay child support. That is your husband's wrongdoing and not hers. I think it would be a total waste of money to sue her for trying to get to your income as well. But you could if you wanted to.

Can an exwife sue husbands estate for child support he never paid?

Yes, if the statute of limitations for such action has not expired.

Can step father sue biological father for support even after order was vacated?

No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.No. The step father has no legal standing on which to sue for child support.

Can a child sue for child support after the age of 18 if the father has never paid a penny?

Yes a child can sue a parent for unpaid child support if there was a child support order.

Can a 17 year old sue for back child support?

The child cannot sue for child support; however, the custodial parent can.

Can a child sue parents for child support?


Can you sue your biological father for back child support if your mother received welfare?

If you're in the US, no, a child cannot sue his parent for child support (payment for child support is not due to the child).

Can a child sue for child support?

Depending on the age and state statues in your area. However in most cases a child CANNOT sue for child support. The child support claim has to be filed by the custodial parent.

Can you sue for back child support in Wisconsin?

As long as you are not passed the statute of limitations, yes, you can sue for back child support.

Can a child sue a parent for child support?

Not technically. Child support is for a custodial parent to support the child. Check your state laws.

Mississippi statute of limitations on age for suing for child support?

Before the child turns 18 for the parent to sue, or before the child turns 22, for the child to sue, for support.

When a child of a married man is wanting to sue him for back child support it has already been confirmed by the state of South Carolina that he is the father what can the child do?

Sue him for retroactive child support.

Do you have to pay child support before a child is born?

No you do not. The mother-to-be can not sue for child support until after birth.

Can a child 20 years old sue for child support?


How long does an adult child have to sue for back child support if a child support order was never issued?

Your mother should have pursued your father in court for child support when you were young. In most jurisdictions you have no legal standing to sue your father for child support now, and especially if there was no original child support order. If there was an order at some time your mother may be able to sue for arrears but that seems not to be the case.

How long can you sue for child support after the child turns eighteen?

In a State where the age of majority is 18, the custodial parent may sue for child support after that age only if the child is severely disabled.

Can son sue you for child support 25 years later?

No, there is no need for child support this late.

Can a British child not living in the UK sue her father for not paying child support?

No but your mother can. The child support goes to her and not you.

How can a person collect child support when they have to pay child support?

You sue the person for child support. Just because you pay child support for one child does not mean you can not receive child support for the one you have custody of.

Can the ex wife sue the current wife for child support?

No. The ex-wife can only sue the FATHER of the child for child support. The new wife is not a parent to the child and is therefore, not legally responsible for someone else's child.

Can you sue child support for incompetents?

No, that's government.

Can an adult child sue their deceased parent's estate for unpaid child support?


Can a child sue custodial parent if noncustodial parent does not pay child support?


Can a married couple sue each other for child support if they are not separated?

A married couple would not be able to sue each other for child support if not separated or divorced. A judge would have no reason to sign an order for child support on these grounds.

Can a father of a child sue for child support if he does not have custody of that child?

Of course not. Child support payments are paid over to the parent with legal physical custody.