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If a minor resides in Pennsylvania or Mississippi they do not reach the legal age of majority until they are 21. Therefore resident minors of these two states would be presumed to be under the control of their parents until reaching the required legal age. A minor living in any other state is considered of legal age at 18, with the exceptions of Nebraska and Alabama where it is 19. Other than the two states noted, there would be no "legal move" a parent could take to force someone who has reached the state's legal age of majority to remain in the family home.

The above is incorrect: D.C., Indiana, Massachusetts (if still living with parent), Mississippi and New York have a legal age of majority of 21; Colorado and Nebraska use the age of 19; in almost all other states, it is 18, with exceptions if the child still lives with a parent, or is still in school. Check you own states' statutes for the most current information.

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Q: Can your mother legally keep you with her until you are 21 with some sort of legal move?
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Can a mother keep her child from the father?

Not legally. If he takes legal action & she does it one or two times more & he reports it, she will lose custody completely.

Is your child's mother legally entitled to keep your property after you move out?


Can the father get in trouble for keeping the kids away from mother without a court order?

Yes. If there is no court order the father has no legal right to keep the children from their mother. If the parents were never married the mother has custody until the father has established his paternity legally through a court action. If married, both parents have equal parental rights.

If your ex has the children but does not have custody and he is not on the birth certificate can he legally keep them from their mother?


Is your husbands mother still your mother-in-law after you divorce him?

AnswerMother-in-law is pretty much a title without much legal meaning. If you keep her in your family, she can be referred to as your friend, or as your mother-in-law. AnswerNo. The legal relationship that made her your mother-in-law was legally dissolved. You can certainly remain friends and "family" if you have a good relationship with her. You can still call her your mother-in-law even though that relationship ended with the divorce.

Can a mother keep the baby from the father without going to court?

Generally, if the parents are unmarried, the mother has sole custody until the father establishes his paternity legally. Until then she can refuse visitation. However, when the father's paternity has been established he can request custody and/or a visitation schedule. He will also need to pay child support if the mother retains physical custody.A married mother cannot keep the child from the father without a court order to that effect.

Can an unwed mother keep the father out of the baby's life?

Generally, if the parents are unmarried, the mother has sole custody until the father establishes his paternity legally. Until then she can refuse visitation. However, when the father's paternity has been established he can request custody and/or a visitation schedule. He will also need to pay child support if the mother retains physical custody.

What if the mother dies and the father is absent what happens to the kids can the uncle keep them?

Well the uncle can't keep them unless it has been legally approved, but he may look after them until the father returns but if the father doesn't then you have to get the fathers permission (if he is alive) or by court.

If you are a beneficiary to a deceased parents estate and your sister is executor is there a way she can keep your portion from you?

No. She is legally bound to follow what the will says. If, however you are a minor - she may put your share in a trust until you are of legal age. She cannot keep it for herself or give it to anyone else.

Can a legal guardian keep visitation of the children from the natural mother?

not if there are courts orders

My son is almost 17yrs old and giving us alot of trouble can we kick him out at 17 and is there some legal action that would keep us from having to be respondable for him.?

No, you must wait until he is 18 and legally responsible for himself. It is your job as a parent to care for him until then.

Can you legally move out of your parents' home in Kentucky at the age of 17?

The legal age of majority in Kentucky is 18. In general, a minor cannot leave the family home and reside on their own until they reach that age or receive a decree of emancipation. Parents are legally and financially responsible for their children until said children reach adulthood, therefore they have the legal right to keep their child/children in their custody unless a court rules otherwise.

How old can you be to legally move to your dads from your moms?

Legally your parents can keep you in the house until you are 21, but if your parents sign a special paper you can move out when you are 18

Does the father have a legal duty to keep a roof over his childrens' heads?

Does the mother?

If you have a baby when you are between the ages of 13-16 can you keep the child legally?

Legally yes, but if you are 13-16 you are still your parents resposibility until you are 18.

Can a non custodial mother legally keep her child without the permission of the custodial father?

Not beyond the terms of her visitation, no.

What exotic pets are legal in pa?

For a definitive, accurate answer - contact your local authorities. They will tell you exactly which exotics you are legally allowed to keep.

Can you keep a dead body in your house?

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If the father's name is on the birth certificate does that mean he has legal rights to keep my kids from me?

No. He will have to petition the court for shared custody. An unmarried father has no right to keep the children from their mother unless there is a court order to that effect. He has no personal legal authority to keep the children. In the absence of any order, if he takes the children and fails to return them to the mother she should call the police. Since the father didn't give birth and he was not legally married at the time of the birth he must establish his paternity legally. Once paternity is established in court, the father can request visitations or custody through the court. If the mother retains physical custody she can request that the court issue a child support order. If the father gets physical custody he can request a child support order.

Are you to keep mother pygmy goat and babies away from other goats?

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How can you legally disown your mother?

No.AnswerIf you are a minor you cannot disown your mother. If you are an adult you do not need to disown your mother since you have no responsibility for her. However, if you are an unmarried adult child and own any property or life insurance then you should make certain you write a Will and keep it in a place that will be easily accessible in the case of your demise. If you should die without a Will your mother would be your legal heir at law and would inherit a portion of your property along with your father.

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If I'm of legal age can my mom keep me from seeing my older boyfriend?

It depends what you mean by 'of legal age'. Your parents have control until you reach your majority.

How long after a goat kids will the mother keep producing milk?

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