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Car makes fast ticking sound when key turned?

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Battery dying - there isn't enough power left in the battery to turn the motor over during the starting process. Could also be the starter selenoid or the starter motor itself.

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Your truck is making a loud knocking sound and it was empty on oil what could be wrong?

if your truck was out of oil and you ran it it probably threw a rod. it makes a fast ticking sound and it comes from under the valve cover. that is most likely what happened

What would cause a fast ticking sound from under the car after its turned off?

An irregular ticking that slows downs over time is probably a hot exhaust component (exhaust manifold heat shield, down pipe, catalytic converter, etc.) contracting as it cools off. This is normal if it stops after a few minutes.

Your manual 2003 v6 Hyundai tiberon has a ticking in the back of the engine what would cause it?

Its possible that this ticking sound is caused from driving fast for prolong periods. Its possible that its not the engine that is making the sound, but the exhaust system somewhere. I hear a ticking sound if I drive over 140KMh for long periods. It always stops once the car cools. I hopes this helps.

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A new 2005 Honda Accord Manual is making a ticking noise from the engine while idling and driving and you can hear it from the left airduct even with the AC set on low please advice?

if is a fast(constant) ticking sound which increases in speed as you accelerate then that sound most likely will be your lifters. they're not getting proper lubrication.perhaps you should either check and make sure your oil is not low and or concider using a thicker oil. 10/40.

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