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Is it injected or carburated? If it's injected, turn the ignition on a couple times, let it sit for a few seconds while the fuel pump runs. When the fuel pump turns off, turn the ignition off again then after a couple seconds turn it back on. Repeat this procedure a few times while the fuel is pushed through the line, then it should start. If the engine is carburated, use starting fluid to get the engine running for a couple seconds. Shoot a little (about 2 seconds) starting fluid down the carburetor while someone else cranks the engine. When the engine starts, let it run until it starts to die then give it a little more fluid. Do that a couple times while the fuel is pumped through the line. If nothing is broken it should run after a couple hits of starting fluid. Be careful with that stuff though, it can burn you if you get it on you and the car backfires.

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Q: Car ran out of gas five feet before pump now it will not start with gas in it just spins over towed home shoot car between head lights?
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