Car starts but then dies

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If a car starts and then dies, it is possible that poor quality gasoline is being used. Another problem may be that the engine needs new spark plugs.

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Q: Car starts but then dies
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Why car starts then dies?

Lack of fuel .

Car starts and amp light comes on then car dies?

Shorted voltage regulator,

970 grand am starts then dies what should you do?

Get a new car dumb dumb!!!!

Movie starts with car accident son driving father dies?

"Disturbia" with Shia LeBouf

How does a 2005 Dodge Durango act if the security system is malfunctioning?

Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.

When a car starts then dies is it the battery causing it?

If you have power enough in your battery to start the car, then this is not the likely cause. Maybe the carburetor is in need of a proper rinse.

What does it mean when car stops in road no electrical at all then starts with jump then dies again?

Bad battery, most likely.

Fuelpump cares starts but runs for 5 to 10 sec then dies?

What kind of car? Probably fuel filter not pump.

Car starts for 10 minutes but then dies and loses all power for 5 minutes then starts fine again Battery is fine before and after any thoughts Its a 1977 trans am with a 455 in it.?

More info. What kind of car ?

Car starts fine but dies after 10 seconds every time?

sounds like an immobilizer fault or the battery in your key is faulty

What is wrong when 2000 Chevy cavalier to turn on then dies?

If the theft system light is flashing...try to start car,when it starts and then dies,leave the key on for about 10 mins. until it stops flashing.Turn key off,Now start the car as usual.

Why doesn't keys made for a 2000 Gr Prix not work starts car then dies?

You have to get key with the chip in it at a dealer. Other keys will open door, but not make car run....

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