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Cat urine reason?

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Your cat's urine will smell badly if your animal is not spayed or neutered, to get the urine out of material try vinigar, it is always a good idea to keep your litter box spotless, clean it every day with clumping kitty litter.

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Can you get sick from inhaling cat urine?

You might get sick from inhaling cat urine. The reason is because cat pee contains ammonia which can effect your respiratory system.

Why does cat urine stains?

Same reason all urine stains and other staining items.

Does cat urine glow?

What an interesting concept. No, cat urine does not glow. It has no special fluroescent properties. Perhaps this originated from the fact that cats' eyes glow in the dark, for a quite different reason than urine might ever have to glow.

Can cat urine make you blind?

Cat urine can stain clothing and smell bad, some people can actually be allergic to cat urine. Cat urine will not make you blind.

Does cat urine kill plants?

No, Cat urine does not kill plants.

Does female cat urine smell?

Yes, it smells like cat urine.

Why is cat urine fluorescent?

It isn't. Cat urine is not fluorescent, and it does not glow in the dark. I'm not sure where this myth comes from. Cat urine is yellow, like human urine. To the naked eye, it is indistinguishable from human urine, except for the smell. Cat urine is ammonia-based (unlike human urine) so it smells of ammonia.

What percent of cat urine is absorbed by cat litter?

Only around 67% of cat urine is absorbed by the average cat litter.

Does cat feces and urine kill your grass?

Yes, the acid from the cat urine will kill grass.

How do you get rid of cat urine?

you put cat litter on it

Does Blue Buffalo Cat Food cause crystals in Cat urine?

Yes, in some cases Blue Buffalo Cat Food does cause crystals in Cat urine.

Will a cat urine where a dog had?


What does cat urine smell like?

What a strange question... it smells like cat urine, I guess. It's unique.

Is the smell of cat urine deadly to humans?

No, it is not. Cat urine may smell terrible, but it ultimately won't hurt you.

How do you get cat urine smell out of plastic?

To get cat urine out of plastic you will need to scrub it with a product called D-Molish. D-Molish actually neturalizes the urine molicules.

Outside cat urine does garden lime have any effect on it?

Garden lime is effective in getting rid of outside cat urine odor. After locating the urine spot, you can sprinkle some lime, and pour a small amount of water over it to neutralize the acidity of cat urine.

How do you get the smell of cat urine out of furniture?

To remove cat urine odor from your furniture, you need to a product called NI-712. NI-712 does not just cover up the odor, it eliminates it by attacking the molecular structure of the urine. NI-712 will remove your cat urine problems.

Can cat urine detour groundhogs?


Can you get cat urine out of paper?


What is the best food for a male cat with crystals in it's urine?

all cats have crystals in their urine, it's what makes it so hard to get cat urine out of carpet & furniture etc.

Is there a difference in smell between cat urine and human urine?

Yes There is a vast difference in smell between the two, as cat urine contains unique acid crystals and ammonia.

How do you get male cat urine smell to go away?

Go to your local pet store. Ask for a product that will neutralize cat urine.

Does female cat urine smell stronger than male cat urine?

yes it is I've always wondered that so i tested it

How do you remove cat urine from a mattress?

new mattress or get rid of cat

Where can one find Cat Urine Smell Removal online?

You can find Cat Urine Smell Removal online at the Pet Smart website. They offer a wide variety of cat urine odor removal products at affordable prices.