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try on radiator..

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Q: Changing a turbo in a 2002 Passat. Can not find the screw on the block to drain coolant from the engine. Also is the 2001 passat's coolants drain plug in the same location?
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Battery location 2006 passat?

On the 2006 passat it is under the hood in the battery box. On some passats it is located in the trunk on the left side (US driver) behind a cosmetic panel.

Do many people in the UK own a VW Quantum?

people do own vw quantums in the UK, but they are called passats over there. dasher from the us = B1 passatquantum from the us = B2 passatB3 and on, they are called passats everywhere

Your Volkswagen Passats front grill has broken from where you can get that?

Dealer? Salvage Yard? E-Bay?

Bolt pattern on 2001 vw golf gls?

5x100 bolt patter for all mk4 golf's and jetta's. Not sure about passats though...

Do used VW Passats have extended warranty?

Of course, depending on what car dealership you go to. If you buy one from the newspaper or from a friend, I wouldn't count on having that warranty.

Where is the battery located on VW Passat?

On the B-5 model passats, the battery is located at the rear of the engine compatment very close to the base of the windshield / windscreen.

What is the difference between a vw jetta and a vw passat?

the price and the name, it depends on the year, later model jettas were built in Mexico and Brazil, passats only Germany.

What is the lug nut torque for VW Passat?

It's about 81 lb-ft; at least it is for the B4 Passats (1995-1997) which call for 110 Nm=81.13 lb-ft

Where can you find the transmission dipstick for a 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8?

There is no transmission dipstick on automatic or manual transmission Passats. The automatic (tiptronic) transmissions have a "lifetime" fluid that can generally only be changed by the dealer.

Where is the best place to find a Volkswagen Passat for sale?

Auto Trader lists many Volkswagen Passats for sale but if an individual wants to purchase a new one they should go to a Volkswagen dealership where they are located.

Where can someone find a cheap VW passat?

Cheap Volkswagen Passats can be bought directly from the dealer as a used car, or find an older model that is reduced to be gotten rid of. Used car dealers often offer the same deals.

Do Audi tt wheels fit on your 2002 passat?

the 5-spoke (fatties) and the older 6-spoke wheels on the TT have a bolt pattern of 5x100, and to my understanding passats after 2001 are 5x120. so i don't think they would fit

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