Check engine light will not go off changed both 02 sensors still stays on?

The sole function of the 'check engine' light is not totally restricted to malfunctioning oxygen sensors. There are a myriad of things that can cause this warning indicator to illuminate on the dashboard. When it come on, there is a code number then stored in the computer's memory - requires a special tool to read that code number and then interpret that number into plain language we can understand. The tool is quite expensive ... not what the ordinary DIY home garage wanna be mechanic would buy to use maybe once or twice a year. Places like Autozone will read the codes for a nominal fee. At least, that done, you will know what the problem really is. Shooting from the hip in troubleshooting car problems is not the best solution. Chances are, those oxygen sensors were okay and didn't even need to be replaced. Get it checked out to find out the real problems.