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Have your a/c compressor checked by a mechanic.

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Q: Chevy cavalier 2003 when i turn the ac on car started vibrating little bit some noise comes from engine area?
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Where is the coolant bleeder valve on a 1997 cavalier?

It's on the upper radiator hose that runs to the back of you engine. It's a little screw that is on a metal connector. I know because we have a 2000 Cavalier with it on that hose.

Does engine mount control the vibration of an engine?

basically yeah, it is made to have a little slack though. your engine should vibrate evenly, if its vibrating erratically, then you might have a broken frame (doubtful) or a broken mount, or possibly timing or firing issue.

Where are the fusible links on a 1996 Cavalier?

fuse and fusible links are located in the lower, not ground low, front of engine. A little to the drivers side.

Why does my V40 dci knock when started from cold and goes when engine is warm?

Diesel engines relies on heat generated by compression to ignite the fuel. When the engine is newly started the air the gets compressed also gets a little cooled by the still-cold engine block, so the ignition is a little delayed and the engine runs rougher. With a warm engine the the compressed air gets a bit warmer, so the engine fires easier and runs smoother.

When was The Little Engine That Could created?

The Little Engine That Could was created in 1930.

What causes an engine to vibrate when starting?

ford stands for fix or repair daily. but 90% of the time it is not your engine vibrating, it is the plastic paneling in your dash or in engine compartment. the engine will always shake when starting because the engine mounts give engine a little wiggle room, and the amount of torque to start and engine is kind of a lot, plus the engine is cold so it "eats" more gas to start, cold engine so less lubrication on engine parts for about a second or two until the oil pick up well picks up the oil lol

What is the duration of The Busy Little Engine?

The duration of The Busy Little Engine is 2040.0 seconds.

How do you set Timing 2005 cavalier?

Hi my 2005 chevy cavalier is idleing just a little bit high for example (80km) the RPMS a are (2200) how can i adjust it myself?

Are cavalier King Charles good dogs?

We have a cavalier that is 15 months old. She has become to best dog someone could ask for. But house breaking her was a little difficult.

Will a 98 2.2 engine fit where a 94 2.2 engine was?

Yes it will. I'm assuming you are talkig about a cavalier or another little car. The 98 will bolt right up to the 94. GM didn't change engines regularly. You may run into wiring problems but just take the wiring off your old engine put it it on the new one and done.

Does a 2004 Chevy Cavalier have spark plugs?

yes, they do! You have to take that pretty little ecotec plate off the top of the engine, the ecotec plate is really the coil packs, and lift that up and the plugs are down under that plate.

When was The Busy Little Engine created?

The Busy Little Engine was created on 2005-12-12.

What does the engine light look like on the chrysler 300?

It looks like a little yellow engine.It looks like a little yellow engine.

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Daytime Running Lights troubleshooting.?

my 05' cavalier has a bad alternator problem its charging the battery a little bit then stops and the little power my battery has is drained by the end of the night. I replaced the alternator twice and the battery but still no difference.

What are hexbug nanos?

Hexbug Nanos are little tech bugs and they scatter everywhere. They have a vibrating motor, and that's what makes them go.

What does the flshing light with a car and a spanner pssing through the middle?

According to my little book the car with a spanner is the indicator for the engine electronics and immobilizer. It should go out after the engine has started, if not you may have an electronic fault logged on the ECU

How do you use cavalier in a sentence?

As an adjective, "cavalier" is most commonly utilized in the sense of "dismissive" and/or "showing little or no regard". Thus, a sentence making use of "cavalier" would be the following: "With his cavalier attitude toward proper grammar, the teacher soon had a room full of students who wanted to write but who didn't know the proper rules for doing so."

What motion do solid particals have?

Particles of a solid have the least amount of energy and are locked into place, although they are still vibrating with what little energy they have.

Starting a diesel engine not started for months?

tyred to primer the system by add gasoline on a rug and putting around the filter and add little bit of gas in the system

Your '97 Chevy Cavalier is overheating what could it be?

could be a blown head gasket,low on coolant, clogged radiator stuck thermostat .or your radiator cap could be bad . my 97 cavalier does the same thing and it ended up being that the engine was FULL of sludge and the coolant had little of no effect on cooling the engine.. i suggest a new car because cavaliers suck cavaliers are better then your new car and it could be the relay switch to the fan

How do you change the oil and where is the oil filter located in a 1998 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L?

there is a small bolt in the bottom of the oil pan which is a little bit towards the paaenger side and a few feet back from the front of the car the oil filter will be in the center of the car at the back of the engine where the windshield is and it will be down on the side of your engine

Does kart racing help lose weight?

No, but if you're in a very unstable kart, then the vibrating may help just a little. But other than that, NO.

How can you clean the PCV valve on an 04 cavalier?

I guss the old way spray a little carb cleaner in it and shake it.

If the engine light came on at a stop light and it is sputtering and white smoke is coming from the exhaust what is wrong?

White smoke is a good indication you have a blown head gasket. And/or a cracked head. Did you noticed, when it happened that the engine started running rough? Best i can do with little info.

Is there an Oliver on thomas the tank engine?

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