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Chime comes on while driving on 1992 topaz how con you disconnect or stop chimming?

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The chime is a plug in device, while chiming track down the noise and pull the item out, pay attention to it though it may be telling you something. Most vehicles now will start to chime if you leave the blinker on too long as a reminder to shut it off, so make sure that there is not a valid reason for it before you unplug it.

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How do you replace the door chime in 2006 Dodge truck?

The chime sound comes out of the instument cluster.The chime sound comes out of the instument cluster.

What relay operates the chimes on a Chrysler town and country van?

The chime comes directly out of the body computer. There is no relay.The chime comes directly out of the body computer. There is no relay.

How do you shut the chime off for the door ajar alarm?

Usually the chime sound comes from a relay box in your dash. There are two possible ways of shutting it up. 1 Disconnect the relay box. In this first case make sure that the box doesn't control anything else, or you'll have to do the other way. 2 Locate the box, disconnect it, open it, cut the wire that goes to the speaker, close the box, and put it back where it belongs.

Where is the chime module on a 1998 Town and Country?

The chime comes from inside the body computer. Which is located under the left side of the dash.

Reset check engine light on 96 Ford Explorer?

Disconnect the battery cable for about 10 minutes and the light will be reset. If it comes on again after driving, it's a recurring problem and you can get the codes read and hopefully fix the problem. Disconnect the battery cable for about 10 minutes and the light will be reset. If it comes on again after driving, it's a recurring problem and you can get the codes read and hopefully fix the problem.

Where is the chime located so you can disconnect it as it dings all the time on a 1988 Grand Marquis?

TO ACCESS the Chime Unit you must be on your back. IT IS LOCATED inside the dashboard near the inside top of the dash just to the left of the Radio/Deck.A GOOD REFERENCE point is the accelerator (Gas Pedal). It is straight UP above that position.EASY TO DISCONNECT, just pull the connection, it comes right off and then - S I L E N C E :-)

How can I Disconnect the warning chime in 2007 Buick Terraza?

i've unhooked the negitive battery cable and when i put it back on i cant get the door warning chime togo off .i can take out the fuse and it will go off but that all so disconect the radio and dvd player. ive tryed to take out fuse while car is runing and disconect the negitive cable then i put fuse back in turn car off put cable back on and start car and it will work for a little while when the warning chime comes on is when you go from park to drive.please help

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How do door chimes work and how do you repair them when they stop working?

This is accurate for old style electromechanical door chimes. I believe the procedures will work with electronic chimes, but I have no experience with them so it may not. Your door chime system consists of three parts: * A step down transformer. Ususally 120VAC->24VAC and commonly mounted near the breaker panel. This powers the system. * A button by the door. * The chime unit. These three parts are wires in series. When the button is pushed it completes the circuit from the transformer to the chime. The energy draws a plunger into a solenoid. The inerta of the plunger draws it past the energized resting position, striking a chime to make the "ding". The plunger then comes to rest, held in the solenoid. When the button is released a spring pushed the plunger back out. Again, inerta oushed the plunger past its true resting position, striking the chime to make the "dong". Note: You will need a AC voltmeter for this. * Locate the transformer. You should see 24VAC (check the transformer rating to verify this) across the output terminals. If you don't see this the transformer is the problem. Check that it is powered. If the transformer has power but us not putting out an output voltage the transfoemer has failed. * Take the cover off your chime. You should see three terminals: a common, a front door chime terminal, and a back door chime terminal. Check the voltage across the front door terminal and common. It should be 0V. Have a helper push the door chime button. The voltage should go to the voltage you read across the transformer. If these measurements are as expected the chime has failed. * Pull the button out. You should see the transformer voltage across the terminals when the button is not depressed. When the button is depressed the voltage should be 0V. If you short the terminals the chime should sound. If you can sound the chime by shorting the wires the button has failed. * If you think the chime is bad, disconnect the wire from the front door terminal and connect it to the rear door terminal. There are two solenoids in the unit, so this is a quick test case. The chime should now sound as normal, but only sound one tone. If so, the front door soleniod is bad. You will have to replace the whole chime. If not, there is a problem somewhere else. * If you can't track down the problem above, completely disconnect the wiring from the transformer and short the two wires together. Disconnect the two wires from the chime and short them together. Disconnect the switch and measure the continuity between them. If you see more than a few ohms, you have a break in the wire. Have you done anything that would cut a wire or cause it to break lately? * Somewhere there is a splice, usually at one of the three components, as you need two runs of two cinductor wire to connect the 3 components. Find this and check it. You can also disconnect it and test the two runs independently.

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How do you disable the seat belt chime on 2005 F-150?

Put on your seatbelt. You should be wearing it!!! I work on a ranch and am in and out of the truck opening gates this link comes in handy

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Reset engine light for 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse?

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