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Cleaning Silicon off windscreen?


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June 09, 2008 11:28AM

I find that silicone rubs off glass with little effort. Use a razor blade to scrape off as much as possible. This should remove most of it.

However if you have trouble getting it off, I recommend you pick up a pair of latex surgical gloves and after putting them on, wash scrupulously since they are usually talced to facilitated easy insertion of your hands. I know of no solvent that will remove cured silicone. I have heard the WD-40 will remove it, but have never tried that approach. With very clean dry surgical gloves you will find that the silicone will roll off the glass with a little effort. Be sure the glass is absolutely clean as well, in case a particle of dust is not present to produce scratches.

In my hands, WD-40 had very limited effect on hardened silicone attached to glass. I tried a cleaning agent for glue ("Goo Gone") and that did the work without much effort.