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Cleveland juvenile justice and delinquency prevention center?


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September 12, 2011 3:03PM

Cleveland Juvenile Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention Center

a private non profit federal corporation 28 u.s c. 1349

registered in the office of the secretary of state of Ohio

Articles of Incorporation No. 608274

The Owner Rev. Calvin Drake was sent to prison for over 6 years for operating said center without Appeal process.

Rev. Calvin Drake is the original owner of: Juveniles Against Crime (program )

established in 1996, The name was stolen after the black team of officials had Rev..Drake sent to prison for operating Cleveland Juvenile Justice And delinquency Prevention center,

The name was stolen by a women named Cynthina Smith, and recorded our program name in the year 2001. We have asked that they remove the names from owner ship of said name in January 2008.

Michale R. White, Stephaine Tubbs Jones, Louis Stokes, Patricia Ann Blackmond, Ann White, Mary Yates Malone, Mildred Foxhall, Carl Bayer, Dorothy Cheeks, Angela Holder, J.l. Wright, Gladis Linn, Jeanette Drake, Cassandra Winfield,

Fannie M. Lewis, and other blacks hate black children, including Gloria Towers,

Steven M. Brinkley, Patrice Brown, Mary Louise Hudson, Linda Williams, Harry Rose, Judy Bayer, Luther B. Towers, Curtis J. Watkins, Nate Bolden, Tyrone Bolden and others,