Cold weather starting of geo metro manual transmission car will not turn over when extremely cold outside could this problem have something to do with clutch ingaged sensor turnsover when warm weather?

Believe it or not, you may need a new set of plug wires. If the ones on the car are old, the resistance in them is shot and cold weather won't let them fire the engine. If it won't turn over at all, maybe you're running too heavy a weight of oil. I'd suggest you get a block warmer and plug it in every night. This will keep the oil thinned and assist in starting the engine in the morning.

---- Answer 2 ----

I would say check the battery FIRST. Have a local parts store test it for free. You should know that as the temperature dropsthe chemical reaction in alead-acid battery is dramatically reduced. This is most prominent between 32F and 0F or colder. I'm not sure what you consider extremely cold. Another thing to note is the batteries age, and how much you paid for it. A $100 battery should last you (at least) five years or so. Dont buy bargain batteries, they are junk and will leave you stranded. Also, one last thing, note the CCA, or Cold Cranking Amps on your battery. Get the best CCA rating (higest) you can afford. Thisrating is what determines how much power can be supplied at the very moment you turn the ignition. Oh I forgot, also check all your connections on battery terminals, and on the starter solinoid, and make sure they are tight. Oh yeah, and the clutch should always be pushed in while starting, or transmission in neutral, either way.