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Contoh text narrative?

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Contoh is a short story of a man who had gone fishing and had caught a huge fish. The fish later turned into a woman whom he married. She told him to never tell anyone that she was once a fish. One day the mans daughter was very hungry and instead of bringing her father his lunch in the field she ate it. The man got very angry and called his daughter the daughter of a fish. When the mother found this out disaster took place. There were earthquakes and floods. The woman turned into a fish and the man became the island of Samisar.

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What is the Contoh cerita spoof text?

The Contoh Cerita is a famous text in the Philippines. There is a spoof text available which is basically a satire of the original.

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What is narrative text?

narrative text is text that is written in the form of a narrator

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How do you find out about this narrative text? "the color &the grandfader".

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What is an example of narrative text?

The purpose of narrative text is to inform the readers by telling a story. An example of narrative text is the story "The Wizard of Oz."

Tolong kasih contoh discriptive sekalian pertanyaan dan jawaban.?

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Bagaimanakah contoh text recount tentang liburan?

Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) - Untuk membuat Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) sebenarnya mudah. Seperti Yang sudah penulis jelaskan pada artikel sebelemunya yang membahasa Teks Recount (Recount Text) bahwasanya Recount Text adalah kejadian, peristiwa atau penomena yang terjadi di masa lampu sepertihalnya Narrative Text tapi tanpa adanya konflik di dalamnya.Tetapi apa salahnya jika penulis menampilkan beberapa artikel mengenai Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) untuk memperjelas pemahaman anda dalam memahami apa itu teks recount.Setelah menyimak, melihat, memahami apa yang dinamakan Teks Recount, kini penulis hadirkan beberapa contoh teks discussion untuk memperkuat pemahaman anda. Baca dan analisis Contoh Teks Recount berikut ini. Semoga bermafaat.

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