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Cost of replacing floorboards in my home?

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November 07, 2007 5:59AM

The cost is dependant on a number of factors, some of which are as follows;

1. area of floor boards to be replaced. This is a factor as an area rate ususlly drops when you are doing a larger area comparitively with a smaller area. ie a tradesperson will not want to replace a single board for you when a number of others want half a house done, and this will reflect in the price per swuare metre/foot.

2. type of timber used. Some types are more expensive than others. and availability. This may also affect labour rate as a hardwood is more damaging on tools and takes longer to work.

3. cost of replacement material and whether it is new or recycled. you may make a saving on reusing second hand material but those savings may be lost if a tradesperson charges you at a higher rate because it is more time consuming to use second hand material, see point 4.

4. type of tradesperson used and what the value of their time. ie its cheaper to use an apprentice than a skilled and experienced person, however it often reflects in the quality of workmanship which lasts a lot longer than your memory of the savings made. also if you ask a tradesperson to use recycled or second hand replacement boards they may charge more as the job becomes more time consuming for the tradeperson.

5. type of finish chosen and whether you are to match existing, or redo the whole area. Note, finishing includes sanding as well as and painting, oiling, clearfinishing etc.