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Could changing gaskets cylinder heads and flushing the engine oil have caused a problem with the engine oil light?

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2015-07-15 18:22:50
2015-07-15 18:22:50

get an oil change and see if you get the same result

any time you flush an engine the posibility of getting gunk on the oil pump screen is good. You may have to remove the oil pan and clean the pickup screen.


back in the day cars had gauges oil, water and son now we have lights the gauges read out in numbers indicating how much pressure and since we have lights we as a people get alerted , and for good reason, a light normally means your oil pump is not pump the right amount of oil its pumping just slower or faster thus the light remains on...

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i believe so Yes. Maybe your problem is the intake manifold gaskets rather than the head gaskets. What are the symptons?

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YES. The intake gaskets have NOTHING to do with the head gaskets. It is a very common problem that the intake gaskets blow. It is not common for the head gaskets to leak unless the engine was over heated, and I mean HOT.

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No, but you might have a problem changing the floor flange 90 degrees so that the toilet could be clamped down again.

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Stop drinking for a couple of weeks and see if the flushing stops. If you can't stop drinking for that long, you have a much bigger problem than the flushing.

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You will need to replace the intake gaskets to fix your problem. The HEAD GASKETS will not be your problem.

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