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Could eating Argo laundry starch destroy your insides?

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2011-09-12 15:17:53
2011-09-12 15:17:53

YES! You know, if you are "craving" this particular product; you probably could be suffering with a mineral deficinency. I knew a girl who was smart and all together yet she was embarrassed because she was secretly "eating" drywall in her home. After finally admitting this; a Doctor gave her an easy diagnosis. She was suffering from PICA. ( mineral deficinency) It was EASILY resolved, she needed to up the iron and calcium in her diet. She is cured. So ,I would RUN not walk to your Doctor and find out what"s going on. It can be fixed. Thanks

Additional Information: I read in a recent Medical Journal that a link has been found between strong craving for laundry starch, cornstarch, even the strong urge to chew ice, can be associated to an iron and zinc deficiency. You need to schedule an appt. with your Dr. ASAP. Tell your Dr. what you are eating and why. It may be embarassing, but this can be serious, you could be anemic. If you are ,do not let your Dr. just treat the anemia, make sure they do tests to find the root cause. Colon cancer has been related to all of these symptoms. That doesn't mean that everyone with unusual substance cravings is caused by cancer, it just means that everyone needs to make sure their Dr. explores all their complaints, and symptoms fully.

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No because its not good for you. It may well contain other ingredients than starch, such as borax.

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Certainly you can eat laundry starch if you want to, but it is not recommended.

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Corn starch can be used in food, like to thicken gravy. Laundry starch has chemicals added.

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