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Could eating Argo laundry starch destroy your insides?

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YES! You know, if you are "craving" this particular product; you probably could be suffering with a mineral deficinency. I knew a girl who was smart and all together yet she was embarrassed because she was secretly "eating" drywall in her home. After finally admitting this; a Doctor gave her an easy diagnosis. She was suffering from PICA. ( mineral deficinency) It was EASILY resolved, she needed to up the iron and calcium in her diet. She is cured. So ,I would RUN not walk to your Doctor and find out what"s going on. It can be fixed. Thanks

Additional Information: I read in a recent Medical Journal that a link has been found between strong craving for laundry starch, cornstarch, even the strong urge to chew ice, can be associated to an iron and zinc deficiency. You need to schedule an appt. with your Dr. ASAP. Tell your Dr. what you are eating and why. It may be embarassing, but this can be serious, you could be anemic. If you are ,do not let your Dr. just treat the anemia, make sure they do tests to find the root cause. Colon cancer has been related to all of these symptoms. That doesn't mean that everyone with unusual substance cravings is caused by cancer, it just means that everyone needs to make sure their Dr. explores all their complaints, and symptoms fully.

2011-09-12 15:17:53
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Q: Could eating Argo laundry starch destroy your insides?
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How can a person stop eating argo laundry starch?

Will power is your best bet.

Do you recommend eating laundry starch?

No because its not good for you. It may well contain other ingredients than starch, such as borax.

Why did they stop making block form of argo laundry starch?

Because people began eating it.

Can you actually eat laundry starch?

Certainly you can eat laundry starch if you want to, but it is not recommended.

What is difference between Corn starch and dry laundry starch?

Corn starch can be used in food, like to thicken gravy. Laundry starch has chemicals added.

Does eating laundry starch cause you to gain weight?

Hi, I dont think eating laundry starch will cause you to gain weight, unless it's gaining weight in the bloated sense. Because you're consumming laudry starch, its most likely not a good idea because of the chemicals in the starch and of the reaction these chemicals can cause to your abdomonen and gullet. I would sincerly stop eating starch. Have you seen your doctor, therapist of a psychiatrist about this? If not, then please see your doctor who can help you to stop eating laundry starch. Take care. **This may or may not cause you to gain weight, but it is a sign of a serious iron or zinc deficiency, which can be caused by anemia. Your Dr. needs to treat you for that and you will stop having the craving to eat the laundry starch. But, don't let your Dr. stop there, they need find the cause of the anemia. A link has been found between the craving for things such as the laundry starch, the deficiency in iron/zinc, and anemia, and cancer of the colon and some other cancers. Please set up an appt. with your Dr. and then you won't need to worry about the weight issue, you won't need the laundry starch, you will be getting the correct minerals in your diet.**

What is laundry starch?

Laundry starch is a mixture of vegetable starch and water that gives clothes a crisper appearance. It can be sprayed directly on clothes or added to a wash cycle.

What are ingredients in laundry Sizing?


Argo lundry starch is it the same as cornstarch?

no no no no no you can eat corn starch you cannot eat laundry starch

Where can you buy liquid starch?

in the laundry aisle

Where can you find liquid starch?

at the laundry aisle

Is laundry starch the same as laundry starch solution?

Well solutions is made by a solvent AND solute. While starch is just dry. So, I would say that they are, It's just that starch solution had more "ingredients" per say. (:

Where can you find chunky cornstarch?

I don't think they make chunky cornstarch and I'm assuming you want it for eating. I eat starch laundry or cornstarch. They use to make argo cornstarch chunks but too many people were eating it so now i only see the powdered.I would love to get a box of laundry starch chunks also.It used to come in a blue box from argo.

What are the side affects of eating argo laundry starch?

You can suffer stomach pain, cramps, vomiting, naseau, diarreha, and potential poisoning if too much is ingested.

Is liquid starch and laundry detergent similer?

They are not exactly same, but they are SIMILAR since they are both used for laundry stuff.

What can be used as a substitute for borax in flubber?

liquid starch laundry detergent !

Where can buy argo laundry starch?

kidron town and country store

What would happen if someone ate laundry detergent?

Eating non-food items like laundry starch is a normal human behavior referred to by professionals as "pica." People have been know to eat everything from mud to tire tubes to laundry starch. Think of a stereotypical pregnant woman craving pickles and ice cream: it's basically the same thing only they crave nonfood items like packing peanuts. Basically, as long as whatever you consume is not toxic, you're perfectly fine chewing, swallowing, spitting, eating etc...

How do you make slime without laundry detergent?

Just add corn starch!

How can you stop eating laundry starch?

First off, I would really like to know why you started to begin with. That is a little strange. The main thing is to have will power. In anything you are trying to stop doing you have to resist the urge to do it. Depending on how much laundry starch you take, you need to decrease the amount over a month and over time you will stop altogether. You can also use the tactic to avoid being around the starch so that you don't have the urge to eat it. I hope this helped you in your odd need.

Does starch go to your tummy?

Starch is in the food like rice and bread. So, eating rice and bread means eating starch. When you eat rice or bread, they go to your tummy so starch also goes to your tummy.

How do you starch laundry?

There are different ways to starch clothing. You can wash the clothes in warm water with the starch mixed in and then press the clothing while it is wet. This sets the starch in very well and make sure it is even through out the fabric.

What is the craving for and consumption of nonfood items such as dirt clay or laundry starch?

The word for this is "pica".

How does Amylophagia affect health?

Amylophagia is a form of pica, and involves excessive eating of starch, such as cornstarch, or even laundry starch. If pregnant, it can result in gestational diabetes, and should be treated immediately. If the person with amylophagia is not pregnant, they should still be treated by a physician, as it can also lead to other medical complications.

What are the disadvantages of eating potato?

They have alot of starch in them.