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Yes. Electricity will arc across the small gap as it tries to continue supplying power to the device.

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Q: Could removing a plug from a socket without switching of the socket cause a popping sound and sparks?
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What size socket is used for removing head bolts on Toyota RAV4?

there is 19mm socket

Does removing plug from socket save energy?

of course !

What is an owl socket?

Owl Single Socket Power Saver is designed to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use by conveniently switching off those appliances normally kept on standby.

Is it possible to get dry socket without an extraction?

Dry sockets occur when a tooth has been extracted. Without the extraction, there is no socket.

What is the movement of a ball and socket joint?

A ball and socket joint is literally a ball an socket. It allows 360 degrees rotation. An example is your arm. There is a saying-"I pulled my arm out of my socket." This basically says you pulled the top of your humerous (your upper arm) out of the joint where the ball fits in the socket. This injury can be easily fixed by popping the ball back in the socket. I am a science major 11 year old. Thank you for your time. I hope this answers your question.

Can you have dry socket without pain?

Uhh... no

When installing or removing a processor from a motherboard how much force is used with a socket?

zero force is used to place the microprocessor in the socket or there is no need to give any force for fitting a microprocessor

What is the function of an Extra Deep Hexagon Socket?

Many of these are many for removing and replacing spark plugs in engines.

How much voltage is in a socket?

The voltage in a socket can be any voltage that you want. The load that connects into the socket must be stated. Without this information the question can not be answered.

Do I need special tools to replace my spark plugs?

To replace spark plugs, you can use a socket wrench, but a socket made for removing and replacing spark plugs is needed. This socket is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores.

Can your toe pop out of socket?

Of course. You can pop it really hard, or bending it the wrong way. I don't recommend trying this. (you can also pop any limbs or phalanges do it this way, although the proper way of saying "popping out of its socket" is actually "dislocation".

What size Spark plug socket clio 03?

phone halfords they have a record of vehicle plug removing tools

Is it hazzardous to turn a light on and off by just loosening it from the socket?

Switching light on/off through loosening from socket is not advisable. Light bulb can reach at temperature between 200-260 degrees Celsius and it can be hazardous in physical contact.

When removing an electrical plug from its socket grasp the electrical cord?

Do not remove any electrical plug by grabbing the wire. This weakens the connection at the plug. ALWAYS grab the plug itself when removing it.

What happens if you leave a plug socket on without a plug in it?

If you leave a plug socket on without a plug in it you will lose between 550 to 1,000 health points per 1 swich

How do I Change Fog lamps on 2002 Oldsmobile intrigue?

The lamp is in a socket that plugs in behind the reflector/bezel assembly. A couple bolts hold each assembly in place. You may be able to reach the lamp socket and twist it out without removing the whole assembly from under the car. Be careful to not push too hard, the reflector housing is all plastic.

Socket stuck on the spark plug and i can't get it out and its still in the engine?

Try reversing the drive on your ratchet handle and turning the socket in the opposite direction you were turning it when you got it stuck on the spark plug. Be sure to use a six point spark plug socket. It's much harder to ruin a hex with a six point socket. After you get the socket loose, I'd recommend removing and discarding this plug and getting a new one.

Is it safe to plug rotisserie convection oven and refrigerator into same outlet?

yes you can put the both in one socket but in practice it should not. You run the risk of popping a circuit breaker or fuse.

How do you replace o2 sensors on 3000gt?

The o2 sensors screw in. There is a special socket for removing the 02 sensors with a slot in the side to clear the wiring.

How do you replace plugs and wires?

With a socket for removing plugs. The wires should just slip off and need to be replaced with the exact same length.

Is it possible to get a 3 GHz processor for a Socket 423 motherboard without an adaptor?


How do you remove a spoon from the eye socket without damaging the eye?

Go to a doctor.

What is the proper socket size for removing the hub bearing assembly from the spindle of a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

36 miilimiter for the spindle nut and 13 millimeter 12 point socket for the three bolts holding on the hub assembly to the steering knuckle.

How do you get to the back spark plugs in your 01 Mercury Sable?

You can remove the motor mount and roll the engine froward or get an socket wrench and a long extension and spark plug socket will do the trick very tight squeeze but is possible with out removing anything at all

What is the trick to changing out the starter on a 2000 Fiat Spider without removing the engine?

You need a long extension (3 feet) and a sloppy socket. This whill enable you ly on the ground just below the drivers side door and loosen the bolts/nuts. Hope this helps.