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If it shifts smothly into the gears before o/d it is not the cable.

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Q: Could there be a problem with a cable on a 1993 Accord if it will not go into overdrive?
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Crx Speedometer problem?

Cable could be loose.

How do you replace a Honda Accord Lx 1995 clutch cable?

The 1995 Accord ghas a hydraulically operated clutch, notg a cable.

Where Is The Speedometer Cable On A 96 Accord?

There is no cable its electronic speed sensor

Why would a 99 Honda accord have no heat?

thermosat could be stuck open or low coolant or heat control cable could be broken

Where does the speedometer cable hook to on a Honda Accord?

The speedometer cable hooks up to the engine in a Honda Accord. This is how the vehicle is able to calculate speed.

If the colors are flickering on your monitor what could be the problem?

Loose video cable

How do you disconnect the cable on the speedometer on 93 Honda accord?

I believe there is no cable to the center and speedometer

What could be the problem with your charging system for a 90 Honda accord if you've changed the alternator battery and fuses?

Check for a bad ground. Follow the ground cable from the battery to the car's frame. If there is corrosion, remove the bolt, clean the area, and reattach.

How do you repair a broken hood release?

depends on the problem, it could be the hood release cable, or the latch. latch is very simple, the cable is also simple, just more of a routing problem.

1990 Honda accord your alternator is good and your battery and your car is still not charging what should you look for?

Your distributor might need to be replaced. Answer #2: Check for loose or corroded cable connections at the battery posts; also, a loose belt could be the problem.

Where do they route the antenna cable in the 2003 2004 Honda Accord?

Is there a cable to the clutch of a 1996 Honda Accord?

No the clutch is hydraulic.

How do you turn off check engine light off on 1998 accord?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes. Unless you repair the problem it will just come back on.

How do you repair an AT selector cable on a 1990 Honda Accord 2.2 LX?

No repairing the cable. Replacement is the only option.

95 Honda accord and have replaced the speed control sensor but the speedometer is not working?

Since you replaced the sensor, and the speedometer still isn't working it is possible that you will need to replace the speedometer cable. Check the cable first to be sure that it is still properly connected, and if so replace the cable to see if that solves the problem.

How do you reset the emissions light on Honda accord?

By having the problem repaired and the light reset with an OBD2 scan tool. Pre 1996 remove the negative battery cable for 5 minutes.

How do you reset ecu on 1991 Honda Accord?

Disconnecting the negative battery cable for 5 minutes will reset the ECU. However, it will just come back on if the problem that caused it to illuminate is not repaired.

How do you change a throttle cable on a 1989 Honda Accord LX?

please tell me

Can your negative battery cable make it hard for a 93 Honda accord to accelerate?


1992 Honda civic speedometer erratic what could the problem be?

If a 1992 Honda Civic's speedometer is erratic, the problem could be the speedometer cable. It could also be the speedometer sensor malfunctioning. Check both components carefully.

If my 96 jeep grand Cherokee V8 shifts good in first and second gear then takes time to shift into drive or overdrive what is the problem?

you might want to change your transmission filter to see if that stops the problem----------whoever changes filter have them check the fluid in pan of transmission to see if its gritty if it is or smells burnt if so your clutches might be slipping hoped this helps I really don't think changing the filter is your problem or you would have no shifting if the filter was clogged, your problem is more the tv cable (throttle valve cable) is out of adjustment, this cable controls the speeds the transmission shifts at. your overdrive is probably working but because the cable is out of adjustment it causes it to shift a lot later take your car or truck to a tranny shop not a mechanic ask him to adjust the tv linkage then drive the car see if it's better more time then not it's that cable ...good luck to you ...

'How can you be sure that a printer cable is not the source of a printer problem'?

Try the same set up that gives you trouble with another cable. If problem persists it is not the cable.

Can a coaxial cable for a TV go bad Can you suddenly lose the signal from an antenna because of a bad cable or connection from the TV to the wall jack Will a new cable solve this problem?

Yes! a coaxial cable can go bad. Yes! you can suddenly lose the signal from an atenna because of a bad cable. A a new coaxial cable may fix the problem as long as the damaged cable is the source of the problem. However if the signal problem is at the tap or one of the splitters in your home you will need to call your cable company to fix the problem.

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