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Yes he could be, or he could simply be curious. Men don't often talk about gay men that dress up as women for fear of ridicule from their peers, but what happens behind closed doors on the internet is a different story. I stress that COMMUNICATION is the only way to go in relationships. Sit down with him and don't accuse him of being gay (he may not be and if he isn't this could trash your relationship) but let him know you aren't happy with your relationship and have noticed that your sex life is undesireable and need to know what is wrong. If he refuses to cooperate then you have no option, but to tell him you are aware he is on the internet looking at gay men dressed as women. He'll probably be furious because he more than likely will be embarrassed, but you need to know! I have a gay friend who got married and had one son. Things went well for 3 years and then the marriage fell apart. He has partial custody of his son and is a good dad. I suppose he was trying to prove he wasn't gay and it back-fired on him. His wife has since remarried, they are friends and share custody of their son so I suppose it's not all bad. Read the Related Questions below.

2008-10-12 13:41:45
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