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If there are no leaks and your car is smoking out of the exhaust you will need new rings on your piston... but commonly with bad rings comes scored cylinders wich would be a costly fix.

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What problems should you expect when an engine has over 241000 miles?

Internal oil consumption. External oil leakage from seals and gaskets.

What are some benefits of using an Eheim external filter in one's fish tank?

The benefits of using an Eheim external filter in one's fish tank are many. It offers flexibility in terms of space management. Also, it has high water throughflow performance and energy consumption is low.

Different between consumption and consumption function?

The difference between consumption and consumption function is that the consumption function is a formula that measures consumer spending.

Heavy oil consumption?

The engine has worn seal valve guides or piston rings should be replaced. You might have external leak too, look for stains after your car was parked for a while.

What are the disadvantages of using hard water in industry?

formation of scales prevent effective transfer of heat increase fuel consumption causes external overheating causes clogging and narrowing of passages

A good is nonrival in consumption if?

its consumption by one person does not reduce its consumption by others.

What is the relationship between consumption and production?

The relationship between consumption and production is that production is dependent on consumption. The higher the consumption, the higher the production.

Does a crab have an external or external skeleton?


What is a sentence for consumption?

consumption is a mammal or animal

Goods are rival in consumption if?

Consumption of a good by one person decreases consumption by another person.

What is autonomous consuption?

Autonomous consumption is the part of consumption that is independent of (does not depend on) the level of disposable income. Changes in autonomous consumption shift the consumption function.

How do you calculate consumption as percentage of GDP?

if gdp is 719.1 and consumption is 443.8, how do i compute consumption as a percentage of gdp?

Why is a external skeleton called external?

External, meaning outside. Thus, Outside(External) Skeleton.

What is a sixth grade sentence for consumption?

The consumption was not good

Fabric consumption formula for woven shirt?


When taxes decrease what does consumption do?

When taxes decrease, consumption

What are the example of external database?

what are the example of —externalwhat are the example of —external

What is the comparative and superlative of external?

more external, most external

What are the four determinants of aggregate demand?

They are : desired spending, autonomous consumption,induced consumption and desired private consumption.

What is a sentence using the word consumption?

Consumption usually means the eating or intake of a substance. Here are some sentences.The snake's consumption of the large antelope took several hours.I was amazed at the amount of consumption demonstrated at the eating contest.His consumption of food boggles the mind.Consumption is also a slang term for tuberculosis. Doc Holiday suffered from consumption. People with consumption are encouraged to move to a dry climate, such as the desert.Due to his increase in appetite, his food consumption rose dramatically.

What is the difference between consumption consumption function?

consumption is that money who you consume on any thing and the consumption function is that relation who tell you the consuming level on your every money income level.

What does to expand consumption mean?

To expand consumption would be to increase the consumption by gaining more consumers of a service or product in the current market region or to increase the consumption in other regions.

What is the main problem associated with external fertilization?

external fertilization is external

Is salmon external or internal reproduction?

internal external not internal external not

What is spillover cost?

Spillover costs (Negative externality):nproduction or consumption costs inflicted on a third party without compensation nExample: environmental pollution Spillover benefits (Positive externality):nproduction or consumption of certain goods and services may confer external benefits on third party or the community at large without compensating payment nExample: education

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