Dash lights in '01 Taurus only come on after the car has been driven for a while 15-20km. Sometimes just the two turn signals light up. Any idea of the cause?

I'm not sure what the piror entry about ball joints has to do with the dash lights? My 02 Taurus has the light problem you described. Here is what I found and how I corrected it. First it was a loose socket condition; where the dash pod is the plug and the dashboard was the socket. I removed the radio/heater panel with the u-shaped tools one can find in dept stores (insert 2x u-shaped bars into the 4 holes surrounding the radio, wiggle to release and pull panel out). Look and remove all retainer screws you can find for the dash panel; remove it and remove dash pod. Now carefully lift the mylar connector ribbon from its socket; between the ribbon and socket bottom surface, cut and place a couple layers of tape. Relocate the mylar ribbon; test fit the dash pod; hold it in place; turn the light switch on .. you should have lights now. Put every thing back together again. One PS here; I didnt put all the dash panel screws in for a month. When I decided my fix was for good I inserted all screws; when I insert the two at the dash panels top arc (above the pod), it may have applied a sight upward force to the pod. So I had to go back and add one more tape layer. My car used to be dark on winter mornings, until enough heat passes through the car and dash, which seemed to expand the plastic and lights on! My car didnt start out this way, it got there slowly. As if time and road bumps formed its condition.

Good Luck.