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is an advancement to a higher-level job with increased authority, responsibility and pay within the organization.

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Q: Define promotion in an organization
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define hospitality organization

List and define the levels of organization?

e the levels of organization

What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following?

(a) What are the major objectives of promotion strategy in a manufacturing and Marketing organization? Suggest suitable promotion mix in the following categories : i) Banking Services ii) Smart phones iii) Mineral Water

Why the concept organization difficult to define?

The concept of organization is difficult to define because it means many different things. An organization can be a one person operation or it can be a company that has thousands of employees.

What is the definition of art organization?

An art organization is an organization that exists for the promotion of the arts. They may sponsor exhibitions and classes in the local area.

Define promotional graphics?

It can be defined as followed. Graphics or video for promotion of something.

How do you define a promotion?

A promotion is an advancement in rank or position. In chess a promotion is also called queening. It is the replacement of a pawn that has reached the enemy's first rank by a more powerful piece of the same color.

What combination of promotional tools an organization uses is called its?

promotion mix

Organization would promotion from within be most appropriate?

an organization in an environment that changes slowy or a dynamic high tech business?

Define organization and describe the factors affecting the nature of organization?

1. Cites the forces that affects the nature of organization. Explain.

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ru from WLC ??

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chain stores

An organization should define its business in terms of its?


What did Niels Bohr define the organization of?

the atomic electrons.

Can form define the organization of a piece of music?


What is the definition of market access?

It is what is accessible to your organization in terms of marketing and promotion channels.

Why employees leaving from current organization?

Personal Betterment/Promotion and for career development.

What is formal and informal organization?

Define management.Elaborate the management process.

Define linear programming?

necessity of linear programming on organization.

Why is leadership important for an organization?

leadership is simply define as to some one lead to an organization OR someone which is lead to us

Define file organization?

The words file organization are typically defined as a type of organization where information is stored into files on a storage device. File organization can be on the computer or with actual paperwork.

Define tourism promotion?

Tourism is related to every walk of life.Everything is related with tourism.Tourism promotion means promote the tourism with the various concepts,by developing new ideas but we can do this only when we have the market knowledge.

Perception in organizational behavior?

culture is a perception. individuals percept what they see, hear or experience in an organization to define the organization culture.

Identify the different criteria by which organization can compensate employees?

Pay Reward Promotion recognition flexible time

What is a Biological organization?

Biological organization is also known as the hierarchy of life. It is the hierarchy of complex biological structures and systems that define life.