Di che colori sono le zanzare?

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Le zanzare [da famiglia Culicidae] sono di colore grigio o nero.
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What is translation of sono piu che perfetto?

Translation: Italian » English. sono piu che perfetto . are more than perfect . google translate http://translate.google.com/translate_t#it|en|sono%20piu%20che%20

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Why Che Guevara died?

He died because his influence as human being was limited but when he died the wind carried his ideas and freedom was speeded up quickly in many places around the world and wha
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What does colorie et écrit les couleurs?

"Colorier" is to put colors in or on something in French. "lescouleurs" means "the colors". The whole means "color (it) and writethe colors (the color names)"
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Analisi grammaticale di sono?

Sono: voce del verbo essere, idicativo presente, 1 persona singolare/3 persona plurale (a seconda del contesto della frase), coniugazione propria