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yes they won the kokoda trail war in 1942 against the japanease imperial army. but they lost the original battle for the village of kokoda and its associated air strip and after the vattle at the port the australians had the enemy armies morale so low they were able to push the japanease army all the way back to the beach they came from

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Who stopped the Japanese on Kokoda Track in World War 2?

Australia in 1942

Why were the Australians involved in the Kokoda war?

The war was World War 2. Australia was involved because Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia, and it had the responsibility to defend it. A small Japanese force moved from New Guinea towards Port Moresby and an Australian force moved north to oppose it at Kokoda, then fighting a defensive withdrawal to Iorabaiwa, then being reinforced and driving the Japanese back again through Kokoda to pin them against the north coast.

Which place is famous in Papua New Guinea?

The Kokoda Trail, which was the scene of a bitter campaign between Australia and the US against the Japanese in World War II, is probably the most famous place in Papua New Guinea.

What caused the Kokoda Campaign?

The Kokoda Campaign occurred during World War II. The Kokoda Campaign was caused by Japanese troops attempting to invade Port Moresby.

What started the kokoda war?

The battles at Kokoda were part of World War 2, begun by a Japanese attempt to capture Port Moresby.

What are facts about the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail was the sight of the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War II, against Japanese invaders. Over 625 Australians were killed and 1000 wounded. The Kokoda Trail is a narrow track over the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea.

What were some of the major events in World War 2 and when did they happen?

One major significant even in World War II was the experiences of the soldiers in the kokoda track. Japan entered New Guinea because it sought to gain control port mosbey which would give Japan a stronger position in the Coral Sea and allow for a possible attack on Australia. So for the first time Australia was fighting to defend its own country. Success on the kokoda track in 1942 saved Australia from possible invasion and helped to push the Japanese back. The kokoda campaign, combined with the naval defeats in the battle of the Coral Sea and the battle of midway marked the moment the war had turned against the Japanese and in favour of the allies.

How did australia win world war 2?

By inflicting severe losses against the Japanese Empire in the Pacific Theatre. Some of the major battles that led to victory over Japan were Battle of Milne Bay, Battle of Kokoda Trail, Battle of the Coral Sea, and most importantly the Battle of Australia. Australia came out of WW2 as one of the most powerful nations with having the largest airforce in the world.

Which extremely rugged and difficult path that crosses the Owen Stanley range in papua new guinea was the scene of a fierce campaign against the Japanese in world war 2?

the kokoda trail.

The story of the kokoda trail?

The Kokoda Trail, also known as the Kokoda Track, is a narrow track over the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea. In 1942, 625 Australians were killed and over 1000 wounded on this trail. The fighting along this trail, against the Japanese invaders was the most significant battle fought by Australians in World War II.

What impact did the kokoda battle have on the course of the war?

Kokoda track battle stands as a symbol of Austrailian participation in the Second World War. The direct effect of Kokoda track was that the Allies succeeded in preventing the Japanese from acheiving their goal of securing strategic points.

How was Australia involved in World War 2?

We fought on the British and American side in Europe against the Germans and Italians. as well as in Asia against the Japanese

How did World War 2 affect Australia?

Australia went to war against the Japanese and women took mens jobs helping end the Great Depression

How did the Japanese threat to Australia in World War 2 affect the Australian people?

The Japanese Imperial Army had been expanding steadily since their entrance into the war. There were several aggressive actions undertaken by the Japanese which would have stricken fear into the Australians. The Japanese Bombed Darwin, Broome and several other North australian towns as well as invading many islands between Japan and Australia, includin PNG, ending with the kokoda campaign.

What were the major battles fought by Australia in World War 1?

The Battles were fought at "North Africa" against the Italians, The "Pacific" against the Japanese and in "Europe" against the Germans. hope this helps :)

What did 'Australia' do in World War 2?

Fought the Japanese in the Pacific

What happened during the Kokoda Track Campaign?

The Kokoda Track Campaign was, According to Pacific War, was Japan's second attempt at capturing Port Moresby to keep Australia from the U.S during World War II. News of the war in 1942 was controlled by General Douglas MacArthur, an American. It is said that the threat from the Japanese was grossly exaggerated by the Prime Minister Curtin for political reasons.

Did Japanese land in Australia in World War 2?

No. The Alled victory of the Battle of the Coral Sea kept the Japanese from landing in Australia.

What are the reasons for Australia's involvement in World War 2?

the involvement of Australia in the WW2 was because if the Japanese would have ventured through PNG, then Australia was going to be attacked. Port Moseby was the last line of defence before we were going to be attacked. So Australia sent troops to defend our country against the Japanese.

When did the kokoda war start and finish?

The Kokoda campaign lasted from July 21st to November 16th, 1942. The Kokoda campaign occurred during World War II.

What was the Kokoda track used for in World War 2?

It was the trail used for soldiers to get from one side of the island to the other the Japanese on one side and the Australians on the other.

What is the longest war in World War 2?

japanese and australia

How did kokoda track get its name?

The Kokoda Track is a road in Papua New Guinea, famous for being the site of a World War II battle. There is much debate over whether it should be called the Kokoda Track or Kokoda Trail; however, in 1972, it officially became the Kokoda Trail.

What did Australia ask America to do in World War 2?

Protect Australia from Japanese attacks and an invasion.

Which countries were fighting at sea in World War 2?

The primary enemy naval combatant was the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) against Britain, US, Australia, etc.