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Did the Battle of Kokoda save Australia from invasion?

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Yes, it did. If it wasn't for that battle Australia would have been invaded.

2007-10-22 06:40:03
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Did the victory at Kokoda save Australia from invasion?

there are two possible answers to this question, its answers rely on individual opinions. Some say that the battle at Kokoda saved Australia from future invasion by showing the Japanese we would not back down and would fight for our country. The other answer was that the Japanese were not planning on attacking Australian territory because they were too involved with the Americans. They also believe it didn't save Australia but instead caused the loss of thousands of Australian soldiers.

What was the overall purpose of the Coral Sea battle?

To save New Guinea, Australia, Dutch East IndiesDefeat the Japanese invasion of the southwest Asian area of the PacificPush the Japanese back toward Japan.See the related link below for full details on the battle of the Coral Sea.

Why did more Japanese die on Kokoda trail than Australians?

It is interesting isn't it. Especially since the Japanese were well armed, superior fighters with excellent training etc. While the diggers were no more than untrained farmboys. So why did the Australians inflict a larger casualty rate? The Kokoda Trail was Australias last line of defense, the British had abandoned us, the Americans were providing very little to no help, and other allies such as NZ were preoccupied in Europe/North Africa. If Kokoda fell then Australia would be wide open for a full fledged invasion. There were already bombers destroying northern towns such as Darwin, Cairns, Broome etc. It was this situation that led to every digger to believe that they were no longer fighting for another country but they were fighting to save Australia.

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