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According to Sanford Hoadley Cobb's book The rise of religious liberty in America: a history, the answer is no, they did not. See the link.
Church of England.

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Q: Did New Hampshire allow religious freedom in 1623?
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Why was New Hampshire founded in 1623?

For religious freedom

What kind of religion did colonial New Hampshire have?

New Hampshire was first founded in 1623 by Pilgrims from England and was one of the first original 13 colonies. Pilgrims came to New Hampshire for religious freedom and starting their lives over.

What was life like in New Hampshire in 1623?

what was life like in New Hampshire in 1623?

What religious group discovered New Hampshire?

There was no religious motivation behind the 1623 establishment of the British colony of New Hampshire although it can be assumed that the majority were adherents to the Church of England.

Was there slavery in New Hampshire in 1623?

In 1623 slavery was legal and practiced in New Hampshire justs as in the rest of the British Empire.

What was New Hampshire's religion before 1623?

I'm pretty sure New Hampshire never had an official religion, especially before 1623.

New Hampshire reason for settlement?

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 by a man named John Wheelwright. It was orignally established to serve as an escape for those constricted by religious and economic rules.

What year was New Hampshire established in?


Colonial New Hampshire?

Was established in 1623.

When was colonial New Hampshire founded?

In 1623.

When was New Hampshire colonized?

it was colonized in 1623

What year did they found New Hampshire?


When was the new Hampshire colony made?

In 1623.

Who founded New Hampshire in 1679?

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 by John Mason.

When did New Hampshire start?

The start of the New Hampshire colony was in 1623 as fishing village.

What colony was founded in 1623?

New Hampshire and Maine.

Who is the founder of New Hampshire?

john mason in 1623

What year did colonial New Hampshire begin?

In 1623.

What was new hampshire's religion in 1623?

Church of England.

When was New Hampshire settled?

New Hampshire was founded in 1623 and became a Royal Colony in 1679

When did John Mason found New Hampshire?

John Mason founded New Hampshire in 1623.

Who started New Hampshire?

New Hampshire was founded by the English settlers in 1623. New Hampshire was one of the original 13 states.

What type of government did New Hampshire have when founded in 1623?


Did John Mason found New Hampshire?

Yes in 1623.

What date was New Hampshire colony founded?

Sometime in 1623.