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Did Sweden welcome Jews in the 1930s and 1940s?


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Raoul Wallenberg and Count Folke Bernadotte saved over 100.000 European Jews from concentration camps, the king Gustav V attempted to negotiate with Hitler to treat Jews more "humanely". Nearly all of the Jews in Denmark managed to escape to Sweden, so the answer would be yes.


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Because they were not welcome anywhere else.

They were escaping the Holocaust, Palistine was a safe-haven really.

Mexico accepted very few Jewish refugees in the 1930s and 1940s.

In Germany in the 1930s, Jews had to wear badges that identified them as Jews. Many of them were segregated from the rest of society in ghettoes.

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

Because the Jews were drunk and Sweden was horny.

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

There are about 18,000 Jews today in Sweden out of a population of 9 million =D

High unemployment. (It was the 1930s).Antisemitism.

the only Jews that were removed in the 30s were those that were arrested.

Most of the immigrant Jews in the early 1930s were from Poland.

99% of the non combatant jews coming to sweden survived the war.

Because Sweden was free during WWII.

From the spring of 1933 onwards.

they took them to sweden where they where will be safe

well the nazis started attaking the jews in the early 1930 to 1940s there were in Germany, France and Italy.

7 thousand jewish people were smuggled to Sweden.

Sweden was neutral in World War 2, so Swedish Jews were safe in Sweden.

The holocaust in Europe, which not only scared all the Jews that survived out of Europe, but also made all Jews realize that their on their own.

In his boat taking the Jews to Sweden.

They ferried the Jews to southern Sweden, where they were safe.

In the period from about 1945 onwards, many Poles saw the Jews are Communists trying to gain control of Poland.

Sweden remained neutral during the war.

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