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Did Western Field make a 410 gauge Model 30?

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A Western Field Mod 30 is a Savage Mod 520

Model 30 (based on Stevens/Savage 520) was a pump action shotgun and came in 12 and 16 gauge, but NOT 20 gauge or .410 gauge.

Model 30 (based on Kessler model 30C) was a bolt action shotgun and also only came in 12 and 16 gauge.

There is some confusion about model 30 Western Fields because there were two very different variations, both pump and bolt action types. If your Western Field shotgun only has "model 30" stamped on it, with no other alpha-numeric designation such as 25EKN or SB526, then it is likely a pump action 12 gauge.

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Did browning make ranger 16 gauge pump model 30?

No. This is a Western field model sold by Montgomery Wards. It was actually made by the Stevens Co. known as the 520 model.

What manufacturer is compatible with a 12 gauge western field shotgun?

Several companies made shotguns and rifles for Montgomery Wards, marking them with the Western Field brand. Maker depends on the model. Find the model number, then go to Scroll down to the cross reference tab, and find your make/model IF it is listed.

Where would you find a replacement stock for a western field 20 gauge model m160b?

I have this model shotgun, but it has a broken firing pin. The gun is usless to me, but would make a good parts gun. The stock is in excellent condition.

Did Mossberg make the western field 20 gauge 3 shot bolt action shotgun?

Quite likely, but since you did not give us the Westernfield model number, we are guessing. If you can repost with model number, will check our cross references.

Did miroku make a western field model 351a double barrel shotgun?


Where would you find a butt-stock for a wards western field model 30 sb562A 16 gauge?

It is easier to by a board of oak or walnut and make your own. I did, because I could never find one any where...

Do they still make Western Field 12 gauge shotguns?

No. There never was a Western Field company. That was a trade name owned by Montgomery Wards and the guns were made by a variety of manufacturers including Stevens/Savage, Winchester, Mossberg, and others.

Did Browning make a model for Wards western world 12 gauge pump shotgun? has a store brand cross reference table.

What size shells does the model 30 western Field shotgun use?

The Western Field model 30 pump action shotgun and the Stevens model 520 shotgun are one and the same firearm.Savage/Stevens made these for Montgomery Wards.The shotgun in question should show that it was chambered for the 12 gauge shotshell.The length of these shotgun shells were 2 3/4in. If your shotgun is not marked,I would have a gunsmith make a quick check of the chambering for you.This will only take a couple of minutes to do.

You have just received a model 815 wester field 22 rifle when was it make and what would it be worth today mint condition?

The Western Field model 815 was made for Mongomery Ward by Mossberg. It is their model 321 single shot .22,if that will help you.

Where can you get a firing pin for a Western field 12 gauge model 15k?

I can't find a listing for the Western Field Mod 15k. The Mod 15 is a Mossberg Mod 80, the 15A is a Mossberg 83, and the 150 is a Mossberg 183k but all of these are .410 bore, not 12 ga. Mossberg did make most of the different models sold by Western Field, so by looking through the different diagrams of appropriate Mossberg shotguns you may be able to identify the correct model. With that information, or other parts warehouses may be able to supply the correct firing pin.

What will make a gauge not work and then work?

The sending unit may be faulty. The year, make, model and which gauge would help.

Did Remington make a model 12 in 410 gauge?


Where can you find a firing pin for a Wards Western Field single shot 16 gauge?

Look in the yellow pages for gunsmiths. If he can't find it, he should be able to make one.

Where can you find a magazine for a western Field model M730 30-06 bolt action rifle?

i know that it was sold by wards , but who make that rifle ?

What make and model is a 12 gauge shotgun with serial number 39700?

It is impossible to tell the make and model from just a serial number.

What is the value of a Western-Field rifle chambered in 308?

We need three factors- make, model, condition. You only gave us one factor. Please repost with the model number and condition.

Did browning make an A2000 20 gauge auto?

No they did not make a gun with that model number. They did make a "B2000" model between 1974 and 1983, both in 12 & 20ga.

Did Browning make a 12 gauge Model 12 semi-automatic shotgun?


Did western field make a bolt action 12ga shotgun?


Where can you find a plug for a western field 12 gauge?

The Westerm Field 550 looks like a Mossberg 500, so I would start there looking for a plug. A good gun shop might have one, a gunsmith could make you one, or may have one on the shelf.

Did Colt make a 12 gauge double barrel hammered shotgun?

The Model 1878 was offered in 10 and 12 gauge from 1878 through 1889.

Did Savage Arms make a Stevens 20 gauge shotgun model 77 D?


In what field did the Athenians make the most contributions to Western civilization?

The arts and architecture.

What does the number 19253 B stamped on the bottom of my Western Field 12 gauge pump shotgun stand for?

In 1968, the Gun Control Act required that makers of rifles and shotguns permanenetly mark each gun with a serial number unique to that make and model. This had not been required before that, and it was done for the purpose of identifying the firearm. That is the serial number of your gun.

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