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Q: Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have any kids?
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Did wolfgang amadeus Mozart have any musicans siblings?

yes he did.

Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Constanze Weber have any children?


Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Deaf or Hearing Impaired?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart did not have any documented hearing loss. The most notable composer to have gone deaf was Ludwig van Beethoven. Source:

When did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart write summer overture?

Never; W.A. Mozart did't composed any Summer Overture.

Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have any siblings?

yes, he had six but only one grew past an infant.

What was the first song Mozart copied?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart never copied any pieces. He wrote his own, completely original works.

Are there any living descendants of Mozart?

No, while Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Constanze Weber had four sons and two daughters, only two sons outlived their father. Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart was only 5 months old when his father died. Franz showed great promise as a musician and composer, but his father's reputation intimidated him. Both the man and his talent faded from public view. Karl Thomas Mozart was a talented pianist who played professionally. but Instead of making music his lifelong profession, he became an Austrian government official and never married. The direct lineage of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ended at Karl Thomas Mozart's death in 1858. There are living descendants of some of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's close relatives however.

Was there any actor born on the fifth of December?

Walt Disney Frankie Muniz (Malcom in the Middle) Nick Stahl Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died on December 5th

Did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart have any cousins?

cousins? nope he didn't. trust me. i am an almost pro violinist even though i am 11 years old. that's how good i am

Did Mozart have any children?

Yes Mozart had kids he had six kids.

Did Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart have any children?

No: He never got married and had any children

Why did Amadeus Mozart go crazy was it the powder from his makeup?

Mozart did not go crazy, and especially not from any sort of makeup. Maybe you're thinking of Schumann?

Were there any movies made about Mozart?

"Amadeus" (1984). Stars Tom Hulce, F. Murray Abraham.

Did Wolfgang Mozart have any great grandchildren?

Wolfgang Mozart had six children with his wife Constanze Weber, but only two survived until adulthood. They both died without having any children, so there are no grand children, therefore no great-grandchildren.

Did mozart go mad?

The brilliant composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), died at the relatively young age of thirty-five. Although there are diverse theories as to the precise cause of his death (including being poisoned, perhaps by a competitor or someone jealous of his talent?), there is no record of his suffering from any mental illness at any time of his life such that one could say he "went mad".

Did Mozart have any kids?

Mozart had six children, but only two children survived . . . he had these children with his wife Constanze Weber.

Was there any more members that played in Mozart family?

Wolfgang's father, Leopold, played pianoforte and violin, and his sister, Nannerl, played the pianoforte.

Did Mozart have any siblings?

Mozart had one sister

Are there any famous or interesting people from Germany?

Johann Sebastian Bach (composer) Friedrich Schiller (writer) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (composer) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer) Carl Benz (inventor of the car) Rudolf Diesel (inventor of the Diesel engine) Felix Wankel (inventor of the Wankel engine) Otto von Bismarck (German statesman) Ferdinand Adolf Heinrich August Graf von Zeppelin (German airship constructor) Karl Lagerfeld (fashion designer)

Does the word Amadeus have any meaning?

"Amadeus" comes from the Latin "amo (amas-amat)" meaning "to love" and "deus" meaning "god". So \Amadeus means "Love God."

What were the names of Wolfgang Mozart's kids?

The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had six children with his wife Constanze: Raimund Leopold (17 June - 19 August 1783) Karl Thomas (21 September 1784 - 31 October 1858) Johann Thomas Leopold (18 October - 15 November 1786) Theresia Constanzia Adelheid Friedericke Maria Anna (27 December 1787 - 19 June 1788) Anna Maria (born and died 25 December 1789) Franz Xaver Wolfgang (26 July 1791 - 29 July 1844) Despite the family's status, good income and relatively comfortable lifestyle the dates of birth and death show that the Mozarts suffered from the same high infant mortality rate as their contemporaries. Of the two children who survived into adulthood, Karl Thomas was a gifted pianist who made a career as an official to the viceroy of Naples and Franz Xaver Wolfgang was a successful composer, conductor, pianist and teacher - neither of the two married nor did they have any children.

Did mozart have any enemies?

Mozart did not have any enemies to my belief. he was a good hearted man who was kind and gentle. :)

Are there any living descendents of Mozart?

No. Neither of Mozart's sons were married or had children.

Did Mozart been in any movies?


Did Mozart have any great grandchildren?

The simple answer is NO. Mozart had 6 children, of whom only 2, Karl Thomas Mozart (1789-1858) and Franz Xavier Wolfgang Mozart (1791-1844) survived beyond childhood. Neither Karl or Franz ever married nor had any children. The other children of Mozart were: * Raimund Leopold (died at 2 months old) * Johann Thomas Leoplod (died at less than 1 month old) * Theresia Constanzia (died at 6 months old) * Anna Maria (born and died the same day: Dec 25, 1789