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== == Virtually every nation had an air force in the 1930s and 40s. The ones you mention were just the most modern and well equipped. Italy, for example, had a sizable air force but its planes were mostly older models. Even poor and small nations like Yugoslavia and Greece had air forces. Various Commonwealth nations like Australia and Canada had significant AFs of their own. And of course, you've left out nations like France (modern and well equipped forces up to 1940) and Poland (similar to Italy). They are often overlooked since they were defeated so quickly. BTW, the overall French military was considered the best in the world up to May 1940. Their army was considered #1 and their AF excellent too. The German pilots were just a lot better than the French or British, sweeping both from the skies within days. The British ran for their lives back to Britain and the French AF collapsed. I guess you have never heard of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the South African Air Force, the Free French Air Force, the Royal Indian Air Force, the Norwegian Air force.............Obviously you need to catch up on your WW2 history about what countries made up the ALLIED Armed forces. For example the British Commonwealth Air Training program trained 135,000 Allied Air crew, of which 72,000 were Pilots. ALL OF THOSE men got their training in CANADA, at 92 training schools and 45 specialized technical schools . They came from over 40 countries, including the USA. Did you know that over 6,000 Americans went to Canada, and volunteered to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces ( Army Navy and Air Force) during WW 2 ?

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Q: Did any countries besides Russia America Germany Japan and the UK use aircraft during World War 2?
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