Did blacks and whites go to the same schools in the early 20th century?

== == Because of the American society in the early and mostly mid 20th century, blacks and whites were kept completely separate. Whites did not consider blacks to be their equals, even though they have always been equal. To answer the question, yes they did go to the same schools, but they were separated; whites and blacks were not in the same class. A black teacher would teach the black students, and a white teacher would teach the white students. Also, black teachers would not get paid as much as white teachers. The above answer is true for some parts of the country, but not for all. In the north, and in the larger cities there was a good deal of mixing of the races. Still, below the mason-dixon line there was strict separation. Even of water fountains and laundry-mats. The country was less homoginized then so that there were every possible set-up as you moved from town to town.