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Did the Georgia colony have any cities mountain ranges rivers harbors oceans or Native Americans in the 1700s?

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What are the two native americans in georgia?

Cherokee and the Creek tribe are the two native Americans in Georgia.

What was the relationship between the Georgia colony and Native Americans?

Georgia didn't really know about the native Americans

How did colonists in Georgia relate with native Americans?

kylie interacted with the native americans.

Who populated Georgia in 1619?

Native Americans.

Georgia colony economy?

it was native americans

Who came to Georgia first?

native Americans

How did Native American get in Georgia?

Native Americans were already in Georgia before it was settled, or called Georgia. There were a number of tribes that lived in the area.

Relationships Georgia had with the native Americans in colonial days?

Georgia interacted in a poor way with the native americans. There were wars against them to take their land. Eventually all of the tribes were kicked out of Georgia.

What role did Native Americans play in the founding of Georgia?

The Native Americans gave land to King George the 2nd, which gave him more land to create Georgia.

What is the confederacy of Native Americans living in Georgia?

The answer is creek

Are there any native Americans in Georgia?

Most likely not.

What were Georgia's policies toward native Americans?

Thinking the Native Americans would revolt, Georgia made forceful policies.

Which colony was known for its good relations with native Americans?

Colonists in Georgia had good relations with Native Americans. They were welcomed by the Yamacraws.

Which Native American tribes lived in Pre Colonial Georgia?

the native Americans that lived in pre-colonial Georgia were the Cherokee and the creek.

What is the reason why Native Americans in Georgia were removed from their land?

Basically it was greed.

Which state was the first to force native Americans to give up their land?


Who lived in Georgia in 1788?

Lots of people - Native Americans, whites, and slaves.

Which prehistoric period were Moundbuilders thriving in Georgia?

The native Americans built mounds.

Did Native Americans inhabit Georgia first?

Native Americans were in the area long before Georgia was named and created a state. They may have been there for 20,000 years or more; white people have been there for less than 500 years.

Who discovered Georgia?

In 1732, James Oglethorpe "discovered" Georgia. How can you discover something if people are already there (Native Americans).

What is the relationship with mountain men and Native Americans?

They both live in the wild/mountains.

Did the native Americans teach the mountain men surviving skills?

yes, they definitely did

What role did the native Americans play while founding Georgia?

the role they played was thanksgiving!

How did the native Americans get out of Texas?

The U.S. Army forced them to walk all the way to Georgia.

How did De Soto and travels through Georgia in 1539 affect the Native Americans?