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No, Mormons do not believe in slavery.

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Q: Did the Mormons believe in slavery?
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Do Mormons believe in conflict?

No. They believe in peace.

Do the Mormons believe The Book of Revelation is a book of the Bible?

Do the Mormons believe that The Book of Revelation is true

How do Mormons believe jesus was concieved?

You will have to ask the Mormons in their category on this site.

What do Mormons believe about eternity?

Mormons believe that they will die and go to one of the three heavens:Celestial (being where God is), Telestial, and Terrestial.

Do Mormons believe in polygamy?

No, Mormons do not practice polygamy. For more information see

Who guided the Mormons to the west?

Brigham Young, whom Mormons believe was lead by God.

Did Pennsylvania believe in slavery?

yes they did believe in slavery <3

Do Mormons believe they will be gods and Does Brooke White believe she will be one of the God-wives?

I don't know who Brooke White is but Mormons believe they can become gods, IF they do certain ceremonies in the temple and keep the vows they make there. Not all Mormons believe they will become gods, because not all Mormons go to the temple and do the ceremonies they believe are required. They do not believe they will become gods but they do believe they will be able to become more like Jesus and god.

Do Mormons believe in monogamy or polygamy?


What do Mormons believe in afterlife?

Eternal progression

Do Mormons get their own planet if they have 9 or more kids?

Mormons do not believe that quantity of kids has anything to do with salvation. Mormons have more than the average amount of kids because they believe in family. Mormons believe salvation consists of receving all that God has. The idea of Mormons receiving their own planet is a bit of saracsm that is pushed by those who do not like the church.

What are the similarities between Christians and Mormons?

Seriously! Mormons are Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ and God!

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