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No, Mormons do not believe in slavery.


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Do Mormons believe in transubstantiantion

No. They believe in peace.

Do the Mormons believe that The Book of Revelation is true

You will have to ask the Mormons in their category on this site.

Mormons believe that they will die and go to one of the three heavens:Celestial (being where God is), Telestial, and Terrestial.

No, Mormons do not practice polygamy. For more information see

Brigham Young, whom Mormons believe was lead by God.

I don't know who Brooke White is but Mormons believe they can become gods, IF they do certain ceremonies in the temple and keep the vows they make there. Not all Mormons believe they will become gods, because not all Mormons go to the temple and do the ceremonies they believe are required. They do not believe they will become gods but they do believe they will be able to become more like Jesus and god.

Many things that people say against Mormons simply come from someone who is uninformed or has a different opinion. This does not mean that it is bad, but it is often offensive. Those who are uninformed or misinformed often say: -Mormons are polygamist (this practice was banned by the church over 120 years ago in 1890) -Mormons dont believe in the Bible (Mormons consider the King James Version of the Bible as sacred scripture and are encouraged to study it daily) -Mormons don't believe in Jesus (Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is their Savior, just like all Christians) -Mormons are cultish (Mormons live and dress and act just like most anyone else in society. They do not live on compunds, etc.) -Mormons worship Joseph Smith (Mormons believe Joseph Smith was a prophet, just like Moses or Abraham, not a god to be worshipped) -Mormons kidnap, brainwash, coerce, etc (Mormons wish everyone to make their own decisions, and define their standards by Scripture) Those who have different opinions and say things that are offensive to Mormons often say: -Mormons are not Christian (Mormons are not traditional Protestant Christians, but they do still believe in the Bible and salvation through Jesus Christ.) -Mormons are lying (Mormons honestly believe they are telling the truth) -Mormonism is a pyramid scheme (Mormons believe in paying a Tithe and in missions work to gain converts, but believe this is Biblically based and do not seek converts for monetary gain) -Mormons are unbiblical (Mormons believe that they are following the Bible very strictly, but the Bible can be interpreted differently by different people) -Mormonism is false (this is obviously just an opinion, but one that is often offensive to those who honestly believe)

yes they did believe in slavery <3

Mormons do not believe that quantity of kids has anything to do with salvation. Mormons have more than the average amount of kids because they believe in family. Mormons believe salvation consists of receving all that God has. The idea of Mormons receiving their own planet is a bit of saracsm that is pushed by those who do not like the church.

Mormons believe that the church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth by Jesus Christ himself and that the church is led by Jesus Christ through living prophets and apostles. Mormons believe in the bible but the church is directed by revelation from God. Mormons believe that they can know the truth of this and be personally led by their own personal revelation.

No, Mormons believe that Jesus was crucified on a cross, just like most other Christians. Mormons believe and study the Bible throughly, so the accounts there are what we believe. Mormons dont however use the cross as a religious symbol like many other religions... Perhaps you are thinking of the Jehovah's Witnesses? They do not believe that Jesus died on a cross.

Seriously! Mormons are Christians, we believe in Jesus Christ and God!

No, they don't. Mormons believe that coffee has so much caffeine in it that you get really addicted to it.

Mormons have extra scripture like the Book of Mormon. Some different beliefs are: 1.Catholics believe that there is 1 heaven,Mormons believe that there are 3 heavens. 2.Catholics believe that Jesus will not return until the end of the world,Mormons believe that Jesus came to the Americas around 34 AD. 3.Caholics believe that no one can be like God,Mormons believe that there are many gods and they can also become a god.(They only worship the God of this world.) 4. Catholics and Mormons both believe in pre-existence but Mormons believe that in this way:God has at least 1 wife in heaven,(Heavenly Mother)That wife gave birth to spirit beings (us) and sent the spirit beings to Earth in physical bodies. These are just some differences.There are more.

They believe marriage is for eternity.

Mormons believe that Christ will return to the earth and that ALL people of ALL FAITHS who have strived to live their lives as Christ did will meet Him upon His return.

Mormons worship god because we strongly believe in God and want to repay him with all that we can

Mormons do not believe that Christ was born on Christmas day. However Mormons celebrate the birth of Christ on that day and enjoy the season as a time to focus on Christ and to draw closer as a family. Mormons celebrate Christmas the same as most people and strive to make Christ the focus of the season.

He did not believe in slavery.

A big no. Mormons who practice plural marriage are excommunicated from the church.

Well non-mormons think that mormons:are polygamists (aka they have several wifes)are not allowed to have caffeinedont believe in godNONE OF THIS IS TRUE! TRUST ME I AM A MORMON!

the biggest difference is the Mormons (Latter Day Saints) believe in the book of Mormon also Mormons get married in the temple and are baptized at 8 or older

Yes. Jesus Christ is the central focus of Mormonism. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of mankind. Mormons believe that they must accept the atonement and death of Jesus Christ in order to recieve salvation, and strive to emulate his example in their lives. Check out the "Related Links" below to learn more about what Mormons believe about Jesus Christ.

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