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Did they burn the witches of the Salem witch trials?

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No, they did not. Witches were only burned in England, not in North America.

During the Salem witch trials nineteen people were executed by hanging, one died in the interrogation.

^^^^This makes it sound like witches were burned a lot in England, when in fact this form of excution was extremely rare for witches and more reserved for Protestants, who where burned by Catholics. The more favored way of dealing with witches in England was beheading, drowning, and breaking on the wheel. Witches were rarely burned at the stake, buried alive, boiled alive, impaled, sawed in two, flayed, drawn and quartered, or disemboweled, as other contemporary criminals were. Other punishments inflicted on convicted witches included mutilating (cutting off of a hand or ear for example), branding, whipping, dunking, locking in the the stocks, jailing, fining, banishing, or selling into slavery.

To improve on this answer. The people that were executed were not witches at all. They were Puritans who had a case of ergot poisoning. Ergot is a fungus that attacks rye. Rye being one of the main crops of these people. The rye was used to make bread a staple of the Puritan diet of that time.

Ergot fungus is the very same fungus that the modern drug LSD comes from. People exposed to high levels of ergot fungus have the same symptoms as a person on LSD... dementia, hallucinations, etc.

Of course during those times, no one knew or had the means to know what was causing people within their community to act the way they were... the most "logical" answer was witchcraft.

To improve all these answers let me first correct them... ergot poising had nothing to do with this the people who were executed were not witches some had only agreed to admit that so that they would be let free. 19 people were hanged 18 were Innocent 1 man was killed during interrogation they were told to pile rocks on top of him he died 2 or 3 days later.

one woman named Lisa said with out being interrogated that she practiced witch craft.

No. Burning was the method of execution for witches on the Continent. In America and the England, witches were hanged.

This latest "answer" is not an improvement, as it is based on opinion and not proven historical fact. Correcting already correct answers.. It is a proven fact that ergot poisoning had everything to do with what people were experiencing in Salem, I actually live very close to Salem, have been there many times, and have heard the history countless times. The ergot was linked to the hallucinations and strange visions people were experiencing. Since they (at the time) had no clue about ergot and its effects on the neurological passages, they thought it was witchcraft and pointed blame at the one person that was "not like them".. but it later spread to blaming people throughout the colony. Ergot poisoning started it all, fear and lack of knowledge finished it with deaths of innocent people.

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What year was Halloween created?

1764 It was a trap to find witches to burn at the Salem Witch Trials. Now everyone likes to celebrate Halloween.

How are the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism different?

Answer: There really were Communist spies operating in the United States... while there is no such thing as witches. ============================= At least McCarthy didn't actually burn his victims alive at the stake, although he did so in a figurative sense to many.

What state did they burn witches?

Salem South Carolina

How were witches treated?

Witches were to be believed evil in the old days. They would usually burn a witch to the stake or just hang them.The accused "witches" were treated terrible. The people of Salem thought that if someone was a witch, the witch would do horrible things. The people also thought that they should get rid of the witches, so they would drown people who they thought was a witch and if you were you would be able to undrown yourself with your powers and it you weren't you were just led there to drown!

Why burn a witch?

Witches were burnt because it was believed to be the way to destroy them.

How do the residents of Salem define witchcraft?

They usually hang, but sometimes MAY burn them (witches, as they call it)

How do you burn a witch?

If u want to burn a witch,you need these materials .Or a torch .A bottle of gas Then light the bottle of gas up. Then throw it at the stupid witch. Just jokin there is no such things as witches. :D

When was Burn Witch Burn created?

Burn Witch Burn was created in 1994.

Why were the witches scary?

really witches look like people but the puratens who led the witch trails change there image of the witch to a ugly hag to disgrace them so that is why they are scary and i think one of the ways they killed a witch is to burn his or her face in hot boiling greasce to make them hidesus then they displayed them in the public then they kill them

Was there witch trials in the colony of Rhode Island?

Sept. 25, 2009 As of the other night, the news (NBC) was reporting they did burn witches here in Providence, Rhode Island way back when. But Made no follow up on what they said. I came from California via Boston. Visited Salem, Mass. in 2002 and spoke to a man at the Central tourist Building who directed me to one of the last living witches in Salem since being there when I was in high school. You can FEEL the witches in Salem ! ! ! As for Rhode Island ????????? They did interview a girl on the news who said she was a witch, UNTRUE...... Witches may be able to put spells on people, but so can Italians. I have!!!!!! And I have NO IDEA how an Italian Curse can be so powerful. I am half English and half Italian. I do know for a fact the Witches came from England(Great Britain). I learned from my Father, whom I believe is a Warlock. He scares the Sh** out of me sometimes. The neighborhood kids and I used to swing on an old fence surrounding a rock house after dark,singing, 'old lady witch are you coming out tonight'. Two old ladies, dressed in black from head to toe, and never came out during the day. One night one of the woman did come wouldn't believe how fast 5 young kids can run when they think a witch is coming after them. This all took place in Foxboro, Mass.(Home of The New England Patriots) I am going to read up on witches in Rhode Island, it's just since the TV show "Eastwick" has come out that they started saying they have witches. Mafia yes, witches, I honestly do not believe so. I WILL find out !!!!

Did Saint Patrick burn women as witches?

No, Saint Patrick did not kill or burn witches.

What were some of the cures cures for witches during the Salem witch trials?

Some of what the priests and royals and Judges did to witches was first to falsely accuse anyone that they didn't like to be a witch.Then, they said they would cure the witch: that the so-called witch would:First, be forced to hold onto two bars of red-hot iron. Later, the person's hands would be bound, and the witch put in jail overnight. In the morning, she or he would be "examined" so see if the so-called cure worked. They pronounced long and loud: if this person IS a witch, then, when we take the bandages off, there will be burn-marks and blisters.If the person was found to be a (so-called witch), then they were "tested again" (in a loud voice the torturers would claim e.g. "If the witch is a witch, she will cough up water" and the they would grab the person, innocent or guilty, and "dunk them" (hold their heads under water until they nearly drowned, and then pull them out of the water).Well, really. There's a whole long list of things they did: totally ignorant.

How many witches were buried at the stake in Salem Witch Trials?

0, none, zip, zero. It was deemed to barbaric to burn them {In Colonial America, witchcraft was a felony punishable by death by hanging. However, in Europe witchcraft was considered heresy and punishable by burning at the stake.}, so instead they tortured, locked them in filthy jails, crushed one under heavy stones and hung Nineteen people and as many as thirteen people may have died in prison.

How did the people in Salem decide who was a witch?

There were many "tests" to see if a women was a witch. In some cases they would bind the womens hands and feet and throw her into a body of water. If she floated, she was a witch. Sometimes they would try to burn the suspect at the stake. If she didn't burn, she was a witch. The tests grow more and more gruesome but they share the theme that if the subject survived, she was guilty, and if she died, she was innocent.

What did the puritans do to the witches?

drown them, burn them. Anything to get rid of them if they were proven to be witches.

Did people burn witches during Rudolf Bruns time?

Witches are not real.

How did they determine if people were witches in the Salem Witch Trials?

Answer that's wrongThey determined real witches by how they acted but that was wrong to ask cause they were all blamed cause people could be who they want to be. AnswerThe Salem Witch Trials were started by a few young girls (mean spirited) and angry at a maid in the home of one of the girls so they decided to get even with her and called her a 'witch.' One of the girl's younger sisters was very ill, laying in a feverish state in her bed and they blamed the maid for putting a hex on the young child. Immediately the maid was arrested. The village of Salem turned into terror, ignorance, mass hysteria and accusing one another. Friend and neighbor turning on each other. Some came forward lying that their neighbor or friend was a witch to save themselves ... after all if you come forward and accuse another then it meant you were innocent! One must remember during the Salem Witch Trials when 6 men, the rest women were accused of witchcraft and questions the women (all imprisoned and some died in prison awaiting execution by hanging or tied to a stake to burn to death) only said that they were tortured and tormented. Unlike today the women accused of being witches were unable to say how they were tortured, but one can only guess.Researchers who have read documents, etc., have come up with a few clear statements of torture to try and make the accused admit they were witches and all refused.The accusers would tie up the accused and cast them into a water hole, such as a river or a pond. If the accused floated, they were considered to be in collusion with Satan, on the other hand, if they sank, they were cleared of the charges of witchcraft. The innocent women of course would fight for their lives and none sank, all floundered.Those women who were pregnant were allowed to give birth before they were executed. There is some speculation that during imprisonment that some were raped.A 'Witches Cake' would be made from human urine mixed with rye flour and once the cake was baked a dog was brought in and fed the cake. If the dog ate it the accusers assumed that each bite the dog took would send the so-called witch accused into great pain and groans and howling.1 of the 6 men Giles Cory who was 80 years old refused to condemn any women in the village of witchcraft and refused to admit he too was a witch so they laid him out in a field and piled heavy stones on him hoping that he would admit to being a witch. He did not and he died.To this day researchers re Salem Witch Trials are still trying to trace back what really happened and what would cause such mass hysteria. One theory is that the rye that the villagers used was often moldy which would cause fevers, chills, stomach aches and sometimes death, but there has been little proof of this.

What would people do to witches?

the would either get hung or they would burn the witches. Very painful deaths

Is there a way to kill the witches in left 4 dead?

burn them!

What were the fun things to do in the new England colonies?

Burn witches

Does winston-salem burn trash or bury it?

They bury it.

Why did people used to burn witches?

They used to burn "witches" because they were seen as the work of the devil and that they caused diesese and misery wherever they lived, but to the knowledge of today, we know that witchs ar'nt real.

Why did people in the 16th century believe in witches?

Most people believed in witches because when things went wrong they needed someone to blame. They had people who went out and looked for witches and earned money by doing this.To make a decision of whether someone was a witch or not, the authorities used to burn them, believing that if they were a witch they would survive; if they died, then they weren't. Also they would attach a weight to their feet and drop them in water: if they floated they were a witch; if they drowned, they weren't.Witches were real though, not the same as what you see in movies though. It's a practice of healing someone with magic and potions (tea, ointment, etc.)Witchcraft became popular through the printing of books and references to the forbidden practice of witchcraft in the Bible which was freely available in print.

How were witches killed in the Renaissance?

Witch KillingThe most common form of execution was burning at the stake. Fortunately, it was common to considerately strangle the "witch" and then burn the body, but still untold thousands were burned alive. There are instances of death in the course of the water treatment or "ducking." It also was common that the accused died during or as a result of torture. In these cases, they were sometimes burned in effigy after the fact. Witches were also hanged as this was a popular method of death at the time!

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