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just somedisadvantagesof coal power

.It takes YEARS for debrie to form into coal (debrie=grass dead animals etc.)

.It is NON renewable

.It is NOT an eco friendly energy source

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advantages- its clean. disadvantages- its not as vierment friendly as solar power.

Some disadvantages of clean coal is that it pollutes the air.

Solar power is more environment friendly than coal power. Solar power is, however, more expensive than coal power.

No coal is not really environmentally friendly . There are a lot more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to coal.

The disadvantages of coal power are;1. It is non-renewable and it is causing global warming.2. Although it is now cheap, if the coal continues to be used in such a way, it will soon be very expensive.3. Burning a fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, warming the Earth.4. Burning coal produces more carbon dioxide than burning oil or gas.5. Mining coal can be difficult and dangerous. Strip mining destroys large areas of the landscape.6. Coal-fired power stations need huge amounts of fuel, which means train-loads of coal almost constantly. In order to cope with changing demands for power, the station needs reserves. This means covering a large area of countryside next to the power station with piles of coal, which destroys plants and ruins landscapes.

A nuclear power plant needs much less fuel than a power plant that uses coal or oil. Also, nuclear power plants do not give off smoke.

The coal mines dig up the coal from under the earth. The coal is then sold to whoever wants it. Some industries use coal for power. Coal-fired power stations are a huge buyer of coal. They burn the coal to heat water and use the steam to turn turbines which produce electricity. This electricity is then passed on to Energy Companies who sell the power to us.

how much electrical power can be provided by coal

Coal is a nonrenewable source, meaning the coal will soon run out, we will then need an alternate power source, such as solar, wind, hydro, power.

because coal power plants use coal and nuclear power plants use nuclear energy to make electricity!!

because the coal helps the person to cook if he or she does not have a stove or any cooking materials

the coal is crushed first then the coal is passed for burning

advantage: solar power disadvantages: hydro power

For exporting and power. Most of South Africa's power plants are coal fired power plants.

Some disadvantages of coal powered plants are; 1. a coal powerplant produces 3700000 tons of CArbon dixode in a year. this is also one of the main causes of global warming. 2. all the mercury taken from the coal has to be disposed, and usually it is disposed in a lake.

Coal gives us power but to get this we have to pollute

its bad for the environment,and being a solid,its dirty

A power plant in which coal is burned to move generating turbines to produce electricity.

coal makes heat and electrical power when burned down. By: Big Country

it comes from a power plat.........