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Unani medicine is considered a traditional practice in medicine in India. The disadvantages would be a matter of opinion. The issue is trust because India's government considers the practice to be legit medical care. America however does not consider the alternative practice of Unani to be legit medical care.

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Q: Disadvantages of unani medicine?
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Which country used invented unani medicine?

This type of medicine is characteristic for Muslim countries but it is also known in India.

What has the author Seema Alavi written?

Seema Alavi has written: 'Islam and healing' -- subject(s): Arab Medicine, Greek and Roman Medicine, History, History, Modern 1601-, Islam, Medicine, Medicine, Arab, Medicine, Greek and Roman, Medicine, Unani, Religion and Medicine, Unani Medicine 'The Sepoys and the Company' -- subject(s): East India Company, East India Company. Army, History, Recruiting, enlistment

Can unani doctors practice for allopathy. is their prescription for allopathy is valid to dispense or to buy?

yes they can, their BUMS programme consist integrated medicine (allopathy and unani), and they trained in modern advances of medical science.

What is hakkim?

Among other things, Hakim is a title for a physician of Islamic traditional medicine, called Unani.

Can urine infections go without use of antibiotics?

yes ..u can go with unani(ayerwedic) medicine

What is dodder in Tamil?

dodder - cuscuta - aakaasavalli-ஆகாசவல்லி- used for ayurvedic,unani medicine,and is a parasitic plant

Disadvantages of medicine?

The disadvantages of medicine are it can cause certain reactions when it is taken. Some people also use it when not necessary, like the illegal drugs.

Disadvantages of hard water in medicine?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of biodiversity in medicine?

Provides 3 billion people with their medicine requirements.

Advantages and disadvantages of medicine using?

There are so many advantages and disadvantages of using medicine. The advantages include treatment of medical conditions and reducing pains. As for the disadvantages, the chemical ingredients may harm some of the organs in the body which ends up creating total dependence on the medicine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional medicine?

Holistic health

Advantages and disadvantages of orlis medicine?

is it good for health

What are the disadvantages of APO-escitalopram medicine?


Disadvantages of synthetic medicine?

There are problems with almost all medicine known to man, we call them side effects. But, sythnetic medicine is no better or worse then ' organic' medicine.

What is full form of BUMS?

Bachelor of Unani Medical Science

What is involved in unani-tibbi diagnosis?

Unani-tibbi employs a detailed system of diagnosis, including observation of urine and stools, palpation of the body and pulse, and observation of the skin and eyes.

What is the scope of homeopathy in India?

The legal status of homeopathy medicine in India is on an equal footing with conventional, Ayurveda (recognised since 1969), Unani, and Siddha medicine. It is recognised by Central Council of Homoeopathy , Deptt. of AYUSH , Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India since 1973.

Which are the fundamentals of unani system of medicine?

four humoural theory and try matter theory are the main fundamentals of unani system of medicine.....FOUR HUMOURAL THEORYaccording to this theory human body is consist of four type of humours,they areDam (Blood), Balgham (Phlegm), Sauda (Black Bile) and Safra (Yellow Bile)....TRY MATTER THEORYaccording to this theory all the organs of human body are exist in three naturethey areJamid (Solid), Sayyal (Liquid) and Hawaiyyah (gasious) states....

What are the disadvantages of using morden medicine?

your penis will fall off

What are the disadvantages of hard water in medicine?

Some disadvantages of hard water in medicine are its high mineral content and its adverse affects to certain chemicals. Pure water is typically used to eliminate these problems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of medicine?

Modern medicine has many advantages and disadvantages. Medicine can really help a lot of people, and alleviate the suffering of millions of people. Unfortunately, medicine can also have a lot of nasty side effects, and some can damage organs if taken long-term. There are many advantages/disadvantages of treating a patient with Ayurevdic medicine vs. western medicine. However, sometimes western medicine may have an immediate efficacy whereas Ayurevedic medicine may take longer. There are pros and cons in both directions, however as a general rule Ayurevedic medicine should be the first choice if non-emergency.

Wha are some disadvantages of complementary and alternative medicine?

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What is the full form of ayush?

Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, & Homeopathy (India)

What is the full form 'AYUSH'?

Ayurveda , yoga ,unani,siddha ,homeopathy

What does al-hikmat means in urdu?

Herbal meecine unani and ayurwedic