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Yes. They have been intermarrying many hundreds of years. No one can say for sure, how long the practice goes back, but it goes back before they migrated to America from Europe. They were a small religious group of already related, Jesus believing Jews, that have continued to marry amongst each other

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Q: Do Amish families intermarry
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Can intermarry mean for two families to become joined?

Yes, families, groups, tribes, clans, religions

Does England have an Amish population?

yes, in kent there are 4-5 Amish families. one county has 3-4 Amish families and 3 counties have one Amish family

Do the Amish have radios?

Amish youth will have radios. Amish families that have joined the church are forbidden to have radios.

Why did royal families often intermarry?

In order to keep the royal blood in the family; so the lineage doesn't run out.

What is the percentage of how many Amish teens stay Amish?

I have read something like 85% choose to join church and stay "Amish". I have lived in two Amish communities and I'd say that figure sounds correct. Some families have high retention rates, other families seem to go English.

Are the Duggars Amish?

No. They are Baptist. The family attends an independent Baptist church that they organize with other families in their area.

What makes something Amish?

It is Amish...if it is homemade. But you have to be Amish, or are not Amish. But, homemade. amish.. no its amish if it fails at life ....see

Are the Amish allowed to adopt children?

Sure! Why wouldn't they be? Amish kids who need adoption usually are adopted by aunt and uncle, in a private adoption. The Amish consider a large family to be a blessing from God. Sometimes women facing an unwanted pregnancy seek out an Amish family to adopt their babies. The Amish are hard workers, and careful with their money, so it's rarely a struggle for Amish families to accept another mouth to feed; most are highly successful in self-employment. You could easily view the Amish as exceptional parents.

How do you know a Amish women is married?

It's not by her wedding ring. The Amish don't wear jewelry. You may assume that any Amish woman past the age of 21 is either married or a widow. If you really want to know, you could take the step of asking her. Most Amish women are proud of their families, and will talk of them to any friendly and respectful person..

What has the author Saloma Miller Furlong written?

Saloma Miller Furlong has written: 'Why I left the Amish' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Amish, Families, Family, Parent and child, Childhood and youth, Biography

Why do the Amish not use electricity?

The Amish have no problem with electricity, but they worry about what electricity can bring to their homes, such as radio, television, and other things that may connect them with the people they consider "outsiders." They want to be as little connected with "outsiders" as possible. However, some Amish bishops allow a few families to have electric lighting.

Who are the Swiss Amish?

The Amish originated from Switzerland in the 1600's. Swiss Amish - Switzerland Amish.

Why are Amish people called Amish?

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

Why did Wisconsin v. Yoder happen?

Wisconsin took three Amish families to court to force them to send their children to high school.

Do Amish make Amish friendship bread with pudding mix?

this is not true about the Amish and i know this because i am Amish

Are the people on Amish mafia really Amish?

They are the kids of Amish families who have not yet joined the church. Don't believe all everything you see on that show. I don't know whether it's the kids pulling the legs of the producers, or if a creative scriptwriter is being especially creative, but it's not just fiction, it's fantasy.

What is Amish butter?

Amish Butter is butter mixed in with things that the Amish crops then mixed and hardened into Amish Butter!

Do the Amish have punishments?

The Amish do have punishments

Did the German and Irish immigrants ever intermarry with Americans?


Whose family did not intermarry with Cains family line?


What does it mean if Jews intermarry?

It means being disloyal to God.

Why do guy ask girls if they are Jewish?

They don't want to intermarry.

What do Amish people call non Amish people?

Amish people commonly call non-amish people Englischers.

Can a non-Amish person go to a Amish church?

Yes, non-Amish can go to Amish church. They will probably ignore you though.

What are Amish people?

Amish people are people who only have Amish friends , really religious, they stay in an Amish community, and have no electric or electronics.