Do Amish people drive wagons

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Do Amish people drive wagons
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How do you use convoy in a sentence?

Look at the convoy of Amish people in wagons.

Did people drive wagons in the 1930s?

yes... people drove wagons in the 1930s.. but there were cars there too.. but it was very expensive.

Do you need a driver's license to drive an Amish buggy?

The preferred way to drive the Amish buggy is "tickle their feet."

What would the Amish most likely drive in?

The Amish will most likely drive a horse and buggies or even on bicycles. Only few Amish own cars.

What year did people use wagons for transportation?

Wagons were used widely after the production of cars... The first car is credited to Benz in 1893, however Ford started mass production in 1910 of automobiles which lowered the use of wagons... People still use horse and buggy wagons today in Lancaster area of Pennyslvania, PA. They are the Amish. The Wagon phase died out as widespread transportation in the 1930s and 1940's though

Why are Amish people called Amish?

Amish are called Amish because the founder of it was Jacob Ammann

What is another way of saying the people in the wagons?

the people riding the wagons

Are there lots of Amish people in Shipshewana?

Yes, there are there of many Amish people.

Are there Amish people in NJ?

No. There are no Amish communities in NJ.

American puritan group who do not drive cars?


Do you have to be white to be Amish and why?

Not all Amish people have to be white. This is because some other people can be adopted or converted into the Amish way of life.

Can you a married couple in turn to as Amish people truly want this our name is Michael?

As a married couple if you meet and Amish person and want to become Amish you can. There is nothing in the Amish lifestyles that prevents people to converting to the Amish lifestyle.