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Do Narcissists tend to burn a lot of bridges behind them?

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No more so than the rest of us.

2006-08-10 04:58:30
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Q: Do Narcissists tend to burn a lot of bridges behind them?
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What were the advantage and disadvantages of coverd bridges?

An advantage to covered bridges is that they shield traffic from the elements (rain, snow, high winds, ect.). One semi-common disadvantage is that covered bridges tend to burn more easily than other types of bridges.

What were advantages and disadvantages of covered bridges?

An advantage to covered bridges is that they shield traffic from the elements (rain, snow, high winds, ect.). One semi-common disadvantage is that covered bridges tend to burn more easily than other types of bridges.

Do Narcissists tend to use reverse psychology to get what they want out of you?


Do narcissists know they behave badly?

Yes, narcissists do know that they behave badly. They tend to have insufficient empathy, but they can tell right from wrong.

Are narcissists conscious of their behaviours such as gaslighting or are they just acting out without being deeply conscious of what they are doing?

They tend not to be aware... and if they are, they tend not to care.

Do narcissists tend to be racists as well?

Narcissists hate everyone equally whatever the colour, even themselves deep down which is why they feel the need to lie about their thoughts and cover up their wrongdoings.

Are there specific gestures and body language that a narcissist uses?

Narcissists stereotypically tend to stare at their fingernails and talk with their eyes closed. Additionally, they will tend to physically distance themselves from others.

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Do narcissists tend to provoke you to get a reaction?

Yes, they control you by your anger and despair and get a very rewarding self-satisfying sick pleasure out of it. Drop the rope in their tug of war game and walk away is the answer.

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Do narcissists have trouble making and keeping friends?

Yes, their lives are cluttered with themselves to the point where friends are unimportant.Answer: Many narcissists are extroverted and superficially charming. These traits tend to attract admirers, with whom the narcissist may maintain a shallow relationship, as long as the admirer has recognizably desirable traits (attractiveness, high status, etc.) and continues to feed his or her narcissistic supply. People who challenge the narcissist's brittle self-esteem or fail to inflate his/her ego are quickly discarded.Outside the public eye, narcissists can be volatile, over-sensitive, demanding, demeaning, vindictive, manipulative and completely oblivious to the feelings of others. For this reason, their longest-lasting (and least valued) relationships are usually with people who have low self-esteem. Healthier people tend to abandon the narcissist once they realize he or she is incapable of, and uninterested in, a reciprocal relationship. Narcissists' self-centered perspective prevents them from developing real friendships.

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