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No, the only 92-93 GS-R models have the 1.7L VTEC engine; the RS/LS/GS models have the non-VTEC 1.8L. It will say on the Engine if its a Vtec

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โˆ™ 2007-02-14 10:50:20
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Q: Do all 92 integras LS have a vtech engine?
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Will a h23a vtech work in a 92 prelude?

will a h23a vtech work in a 92 prelude? what extra will be needed or changed besides a chipped p28 ecu ..? I have a 92' Honda prelude s.i. with a h23a1 non vtech and im going to swap, but i need answers before i buy this engine..

How many 92-93 gsr integras were made?

1500 in 1992 3500 in 1993

Is a 3.1 v-6 from a 92 Buick interchangable with a 97 Monte Carlo?

yes, a 3.1 is a 3.1, you will probably have to use the intake manifold and all attached to it from the 97 engine onto the 92 engine for it to work properly on the 97 but it will work.

Is motor for 94 Lincoln compatible 92 Lincoln?

yep that engine there is compatible with all lincolns from 90-97

Where is the thermostat on 92 Ford Explorer?

In almost all vehicles there is a tube leading from the top of the radiator to the engine. The point where that tube meets the engine is where the thermostat is usually located.

What engine will fit in a 1992 fj80?

91 or needing an engine?

What are the timing marks on a 92 Pontiac grand am with a 23l L ohc engine?

Pontiac grand am 92 year 2,3l ohc engine timing marks. Does anybody have piCture? Pontiac grand am 92 year 2,3l ohc engine timing marks. Does anybody have piCture?

Can a 1989 Honda Civic Engine fit a 1992 Honda Accord?

Unless you get some custom mounts made, the civic engine will not mount in the accord. Any 92-96 Accord or 92-01 Prelude engine will bolt up to the 92 accord. **Note, the 97+ Prelude engine is OBD2, but can be converted back to OBD1, which is what the Accord is..

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on 92 Toyota?

the 92 4afe toyota engine does not have a crankshaft position sensor

Where is number 1 on the distibutor for a 92 Chevy s10?

We are going to need to know what engine you have in that 92 S10.

Can you put a 95 Honda Prelude engine on a 92 Honda Prelude?

Yes, All H and F series engines are interchangeable.

How many days are there altogether in June July and August?

in June there is 30 in July its 31 and August its 31 all together its 92.

How do you remove the starter from a 92 S10 blazer?

how to remove the starter from a 92 s-10 4x2 with a 2.8 engine

Can a 92 Maxima engine fit in an 88 Maxima?


What is torque settings to tighten crankshaft on Isuzu 4ja1 engine?


What is needed to swap a 92 eng and trans into a 94 caprice?

besides the engine you need all the wiring, sensors, starter, computer, etc

Can a 92 talon engine fit in a 90 eclipse engine is a 2.0 nonturbo dohc?


Where is the starter on a 92 Nissan 300zx?

bottom of engine, passenger side. where the engine meets the transmission.

Will a 94 crown Victoria engine fit in a 92 model?

yes they should be the same engine

Will a 1992 350 chev pickup pickup fit a 1997 c?

As far as fitting in the truck YES. Hear's the problem that you will have. First it won't even run because the wireing harnesss and computer system / ECM. Engine controll module was designed for a VORTEC engine. none of the wireing harness will hook up to the 92 350 engine. To make the 92 engine run correct with NO TROUBLES. You will have to have a 92 ECM / computer system and a 92 model transmission and the intire engine wireing harness for a 92 model. You will also have to change the fuel pump. Your best bet would be to put a VORTEC ENGINE from 1996 to 1999 back in it.

Can you put a '93 Saturn engine in a '92 Saturn?

Saturn engine interchangibility.yes, by all means you can, the only thing is have to match the ignition modules to the crankshaft. i.e. use a 93 module for the 93 crank and a 91-92 module for a 91-92 crank. there is a timing difference built in to the module for the crankshaft notches. that's about it. everything else will work.

What size engine in 1991 GMC Vandura 2500 van?

.all I can say is my '92 2500 vandura has a 350 in and it does the job...don't know if all of 'em are the same size or not dt

Does the Chevrolet Cruze turbo require high octane fuel?

put the 92 octane for keep your engine clean and for the turbo engine 1.4 not 1.8 the 92 is the best performance at 4000 rpm high

Where can you order a new engine wiring harness for 92 cavalier 3.1?

You can order a new engine wiring harness for a 92 Cavalier 3.1 at auto part stores. You can also check with a certified dealer.

Will a 92 Honda civic engine fit in a 91 Nissan 240sx?

no the civic engine is a transaxle not rw